Monologue: Barr Fight | Real Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Trump 2 days ago   07:01

Real Time with Bill Maher
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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including Attorney General William Barr's congressional obfuscation and President Trump's latest attacks on immigrants.

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Comments 1802 Comments

timmy timmytimmy
u get that thing i sent ya ?
Breanna Zumhof-Harthan
Gary Crew
Big thumb,s down for Bill. With the Barr/ Muller report out it will be smooth sailing on liberal tears.
Kentucky Beastiality: that could explain why Bitch McConnell looks like a turtle.
I get out of rightfully paying HBO by seeing Bill Maher delayed, on YouTube (I'm stealing their work). On the weeks he's there. Seems like he's there about half the time, or less. Maybe I'm paying HBO more than it's worth.
Anybody who takes this seriously would have to be a first rate moron. This guy is straight up lying about numerous things that are serious issues for America moving forward. The evidence for corruption from Obama's D.O.J. and the Hilary campaign is overwhelming. We know she rigged the primary based on podesta's emails. She sure as hell didn't stop there...

There's a paper trail which proves the corruption that's alleged, and there have been multiple firings and resignations within the FBI. Maher knows he's full of shit, and he knows his audience is uninformed, ignorant and dumb. Notice they never bring anyone conservative on this show to refute his b.s.. They want an echochamber to promote their narratives.

Weaponizing the I.R.S. to go after presidents, spying on presidential campaigns, appointing special counsels to investigate people and not crimes. This is third world politics. Maher is a scumbag p.o.s. for defending his party of lowlifes.

These shows don't age well. Maher said there were no caravans, he said there was no crisis at the border. Now he's claiming there was no spying. This imbecile is never right about anything, and Trump keeps proving that he's right, and he's because he's right he's consistently winning, same as he said he would do during his campaign. Those who could dispute this fact have no idea what's going on in the world. If you actually watch this guy and believe that you're being informed then you are well out of touch. In fact you're being purposely misled.
Jasper Crikey
Hope bill Maher’s ratings are ok after the canceling of the Russia investigation
Patrick Modell
Ever notice that you NEVER see an actual live audience at Bill Mayers shows?? Also...have you noticed its the same laugh track they have been using since like2014?
Steven Judkins
Bill Maher touts California! It's a third world country!
Kenny Redd
Say, just called on the staff at Fox to learn the English language. I bet you wish one of your staff had the forethought to confirm that you knew how to properly pronounce the word 'bestiality'. Is there a chance it was misspelled on the teleprompter...your staff needs English lessons too?
fukkin savage
Tim Vermeulen
Learn the fucking language! HAHAHAHA!
Richard Postma
Happy Trump 2020 Everyone!
Democrats need to move on and start laying out their platform. I know Trump is a POS but Democrats are not showing me any improvements.
robert hicks
Its funny he talks about law but ignores the law that to call for them, they have to have a legal reason. A fishing trip is not a legal reason.

As far as the cop goes, yes, you can ask things like that. IF he was speeding before he put his lights on, you can make him give himself a ticket.

I guess in the elite communist circle of California, this is what is considered funny.
Pamela Cass
Perhaps Canada should start thinking about a border wall to save themselves from us. We're literally lost here.
Skull Raven
I am going to laugh if Donald Trump gets re-elected and even if he doesn't,I will still be voting for him.As for Bill Maher,he shouldn't even be called a comedian because he is not funny and politically biased
Clubber Lang
Hey Bill, the majority of American's don't care about who's gay, bi-racial, punk rocker, etc! We care about REAL issues! For some reason these clowns think open borders, socialism, late term abortion, sanctuary cities, and free stuff is a winning message going into 2020! Oh, and nonsense investigations and identity/race politics don't help either!
Michael Padilla
FU ..Trump!
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Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Trump Monologue: Barr Fight | Real 2 days ago   12:30

Bernie Sanders destroys Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for their lies and hypocrisy.

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