GameStop's Pre-Order Policy Change 10 SECRETS Gamestop Doesn't Want 2 days ago   08:10

GameStop is changing its pre-order refund policy. You'll no longer be able to refund your money after 30 days of it's release date. Why would GameStop change this now? Let's discuss.

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Tell me where GameStop touched you 🤭
what wrong with that? if is me I give you f-er nothing back.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Dwayne Parlett
Rick Australia and so you don't have not been stop are you how are you being so retro game shopping how I'm from, I can go through a PlayStation 4 all your I Xbox one way we can buy a I had videos to camera roll in Australia
Kevin Mayorga
There are customers complaining that the employee ask you questions or tell you about promotions so its bad and some other customers are complaining when they go to the store and the employee just stand there waiting for you to say something .. so whatever they do customers always complain about something smh 😒😒😒
Brandon Baker
If they held your game for you past those 30 days, I would understand because the game value would be going down over that time. If they sell it but still have your money on the preorder, then it shouldn't matter and you should get your money back rather than credit. They also need to setup an email notification system for when preorders are available, instead of phone calls (At least thats what EB games in Canada does)
Gary Burnaska
Disc Replay is a much better place to go to.
Danny 310
Anyone remember EB Games?
Amanda Mathews
I personally hope they get it together and don’t close up shops. Not everyone has local game stores and we rely on GameStop.
They haven't adopted they should price match games even best buy does tht wow! They also have to many locations its like a gamestop on evry st. 🤣
Can you do a video that ISN'T a sign of "Gamestop being in big trouble?" Well.. can ya? haha! They're in the sinkhole! I actually go to my local mom and pop used game shop more than them, simply because the mom and pop has EVERYTHING used, also collectables and a slu of other stuff. It just has type of feel as a store GameStop lost years ago. For current games I'm on Steam. Uhh... that is as long as I won't have to start going to Epic Games and 20 other platforms to put all my games on because everyone is opening a platform.
Claudius Boasman
What??? You can preorder a game and time after it comes out you can return it and get your full money back? Wow no wonder they're in trouble.
I still like pyschal games it's so much better to see the game box and not having to buy a big SD card to buy games
They can't save themselves when the stupidity of non-physical media becomes the norm.
so gamestop changed there policy to 30 days seems fine to me but then again im from the uk and we only get 7 days with no refund only store credit from what i understand in our local store called game
Alan a
It was bound to happen bankruptcy soon come everyone stay tuned for a super sale coming to a game stop near u.
mister mittenz
I think its bullshit that gamestop wants pre orders for games that either dont have a release date or its like a year or so out. Sorry but ill preorder a game maybe a month from release but thats as far as i go
I paid $216 for 2 mk11 premium pre orders...should I ask for my money back?....I don’t even own a ps4 pro yet...mk3 was cool mk vs dc was alright
basementkilla SS
I’m so glad they are a bunch of greedy fucks good ha ha ha GameStop
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10 SECRETS Gamestop Doesn't Want GameStop's Pre-Order Policy Change 2 days ago   07:46

DARK SECRETS. For a long time now, Gamestop has been the laughing stock of the gaming community for their shady and downright horrible practices. However, there are some things about Gamestop that the company wants to keep under wraps.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 secrets Gamestop doesn’t want you to know.

Do you have any stories dealing with Gamestop?
What is the worst thing Gamestop has done as a company?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Gamestop, the shop that never stops. We have all been at the receiving end of Gamestop’s shady and downright dirty business dealings. Bring in a host of brand new games you didn’t want. Best they can do is 5 dollars or 6 dollars if you want in-store credit. It’s hard to believe their entire business model began with selling used games at a huge mark up. Of course, they did not stop at selling a used game for 30 bucks, no not Gamestop. They would go on to push their bogus Power Up Rewards card, which, unless you bought brand new games from Gamestop and honestly why would you in today’s digital market, it would cost more to get the card than any benefit you would get from it.

So how has Gamestop continued to stay in business? Well, aside from buying or running out of any and all competition, they are the only place for uninformed casual gamers to buy video games. Recently, they have pushed more merch than games, but the tactics are all the same.

They have everything from Pop Funko figures to gamer T-shirts, and while yes some of the designs are not bad, the expanded merch just seems generic and insincere. So how low do these guys go? Well, let’s take a quick peek at the secrets Gamestop doesn’t want you to know. Have you been ripped off or cheated by Gamestop? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to follow TheGamer on Facebook for more exciting gaming content!


Script by: Zack Latino

Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

Edited by: Marc-Antoine Kelertas

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