Rob Gronkowski "I'm Not Letting Bill Film Room: How Bill Belichick 1 day ago   06:19

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New England Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski, talks after a big Super Bowl 53 win against the Los Angeles Rams!

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Comments 1606 Comments

Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers
Tru pats fans knew we would do it
Ham Boba
Don't think he's retiring he's having too much fun.
I am Gronk!
Coke one hell of a drug
felix cruz
Bobby bushay is real!!!😂😂
Gavin C
All the haters in the comments saying he's sounding stupid... not realizing he will have more women, money, and success than all of you combined.
Gronk is awesome, love this guy. Respect from Poland 🇵🇱.
Who was the blonde piece of ass to his left?
Gronk was a honors student believe it or not the man the greatest tight ent ever
Freedom 1776
Rob Gronkowski is an intelligent man. He loves to play his cartoon character "Gronk" to make people under estimate his intelligence. How many 9 year NFL players have every salary dollar they ever made in the bank or investments. He lives off his endorsement money only.
Eyeswideopen Truth
How can anyone with 20/20 Vision not see this whole Sports thing is Fake and Scripted ...from beginning to end
It’s Entertainment Folks!!!!
That’s It!!!! Period!!!!
Pure Hollywood BullShit!!!!
We are the audience
These are the Actors
Curtain Closes...Mic dropped 🎤!!!!!
I love Rob because he sounds like an absolute idiot in almost every interview but I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s all a joke and he’s trying to come off that way lol
Samuel S.
This dude was in SOOOOO much pain, you have no idea. His thigh alone was triple in size and he couldn't move come Monday. Them pills give you wings LOL
good the nfl pays other people to keep the score... 😂
Yb Yb
Still giants beat them twice even perfect season .
david taylor
Ya know
david taylor
Way too many hits to the head right there
Ron Mullen
Gronk is funny as hell! He sounds drunk, as everyone says, lol. He just seems like a fun guy to be around. He doesn’t ever seem serious, he’s just having fun all the time!
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Film Room: How Bill Belichick Rob Gronkowski "I'm Not Letting Bill 1 day ago   15:25

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In my latest video breakdown, I wanted to see how the Patriots held the Rams to 3 points in the Super Bowl. We’ll cover:

1. Bill Belichick’s game plan
2. Front seven’s performance and how they took away the Rams’ zone running game
3. Coverage trends that Belichick used to counter Sean McVay’s scheme
4. Jared Goff's performance - Was it as bad as people thought it was?

Hope you enjoy the show!

The videos are considered to be used under the "Fair Use Doctrine" of United States Copyright Law, Title 17 U.S. Code Sections 107-118. Videos are used for editorial and educational purposes only and I do not claim ownership of any original video content. I don't use said video clips in advertisements, marketing or for direct financial gain. All video content in each clip is considered owned by the individual broadcast companies.

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