Hungary's "Slave Law" & Zimbabwe When ICE Comes For Your Family 1 day ago   26:26

This is the January 23, 2019, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:31 VICE News speaks with migrant children recently released from Tornillo's tent city.

8:13 The 2020 Democratic field is already getting crowded and it's just getting started

12:50 There have now been 10 days of protests against Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

16:13 Demonstrators gathered in Hungary’s capital again this weekend to protest the government’s controversial “slave law” — a change that allows employers to force workers into 400 hours of overtime a year.

23:17 Deerhunter's Bradford Cox breaks down "Plains" from the band's new album "Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?" out Jan 18th, for another installment of Verse Chorus Bridge.

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Funny how they snuck trump in here.
Christophe Abiel
The ONLY universal language is violence. 😭 Life ain't fair. Autosexual asexual violence all the way.
oh and the biped black piglet in the video @middle is wrong, very wrong. just sayin'
I really hope they get sent back in the end-hole they ran from. they obviously wouldn't fit in a civilized, intellectual world.
wow, such ungrateful apes. nobody had any obligation in actually taking care of them, but they did. free food, free shelter, and they b!tch about "harsh rules" and stuff.
WELL YES, you wanted to get rid of a jungle,which is your past home; why come to another country and make it a jungle? oh so you don't like rules. I COULD HAVE NEVER..oh wait. and yea, instead of just saying food food food -yes you are annoying- say THANK YOU/GRACIAS for food; it wasn't the americans that gave you birth, but they are taking care of you. putting a bit of sense into you. so you won't end up a bunch of looser that can't even hold on to a tight schedule. BO HOO.
OH AND FREE PHONE CALLS. Poor little thing, 10 minutes of FREE CALL per how many days? THOSE WERE LIKE THEY DIDN'T EVEN EXISTED. ungrateful animals.oh,and free medication.
It's very nice to cry and to express your complaints when you get free roof food and education above your head?
some of them were even depressed, OMG. maybe they were home sick, carve a little line of coke or dig some bodies, heh boys
that's why you should build the damn wall and keep these pests outside. they can't even understand a helping hand given to them; they are so wild and uneducated they will simply bite it back! animals! not to mention crime rates
Carson Reddick
Lot of wanna be fascists around these comments
Nützlicher Idiot!
They kill Rhodonesia for this????
Antonio Collie
Where are all the racist that comment u fee African videos
Black watch
Stfu this is not slavery these devils are taking away attention from a real slave crisis in Libya
Hi5 Tilinko
LOL. According to "Freedom House" Hungary is as bad a dictatorship as Mianmar, where the Rohyngya were getting killed and as Venezuela, the failed socialist experiment. LOL LOL LOL These libtards are FRIGGING STRUGGLING! LOL LOL LOL
charles dawson
(16:56) It doesn't apply to the migrants going to Hungary because they get banned from going into Hungary.
charles dawson
(16:27) They are protesting because they do not like Orban's Slave Law.
charles dawson
(6:04) Damn, He knows about Dragon Ball Z.
Nerdlin Geeksly
Normally I don't watch Vice news because they normally run a bunch of ridiculous biased segments but this right here is some real legitimate news reporting it's professional and it doesn't feel like they're just badgering people they don't like
Uomo Onesto
Good job Hungary
Everyone in this comment section is so left wing it’s honestly scary. Hungary ftw
Hungary is Europe's savior! #removekebab #europeisforeuropeans
Austria, Poland, The Czech Republic, and Italy are all also going down this great patriotic nationalist route! #keepeuropechristian
Tip for Trump: For 2020, take $30.000.000, pay 30 democrats to run for president $1.000.000 each.
Zoli Dékány
hajra fidesz
Jacob Taylor
Ok we wont vote in a guy we cant pronounce their name
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When ICE Comes For Your Family Hungary's "Slave Law" & Zimbabwe 1 day ago   27:07

VICE Correspondent Krishna Andavolu embedded with ICE agents to explore what it's like to be an American kid growing up in the shadow of deportation.

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