3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Awesome! What If The World Went Vegetarian? 1 day ago   04:21

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Nuclear energy might have a lot of unused potential. Not only is it one of the best mid term solutions for global warming bit despite what gut feeling tells us, it has saved millions of lives. By investing more into better technologies we might be able to make nuclear energy finally save and clean forever.

Why nuclear energy is terrible: http://bit.ly/1bPzeol

Brief Introduction into nuclear energy: http://bit.ly/1CdmAIk

Nuclear energy saves lives: http://bit.ly/1lttjFa

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3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Awesome!

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Me Good boy
Can’t we just make a big wheel and make the fat people run into it and there you go clean efficient energy
And it has an extra benefit fat people will be no longer fat
I call this energy fatasss energy
You’re welcome
If they hadn’t shut down Chernobyl the plant would have exploded basically wiping out Europe as we know it 1.8 million lives my ass think of the long run we’re human beings we are fundamentally flawed we will eventually make a mistake that will be irreversible and may end life as we know it.
Indira Sanyal Maitra
India has some thorium reactors.....go THORIUM!!!!
Wat Dat
My daddy mines coal so I hope they outlaw this nuclear bullshit causes cancer and birth defects
Eternal Gamer
simple question: why do we have to find a place to store nuclear waste? why can't we just launch it into the sun and incinerate it?
Forrest Patterson
I still dont get why we dont store the fossil fuel waste product, all you have to do is make a container for it
James Duff
Cassandra's Curse. I doubt there is a nuclear
expert out there that believes nuclear terrorism is shrinking. Nuclear power
plants are very much loved by ISIS and they know that ballistic missiles can be
used to destroy these power plants. Even Greenpeace crashed a drone into a
nuclear power plant in France in order to show the world just how vulnerable
nuclear plants are to terrorist attacks. Ballistic technology is increasing the
speed and the distance that these missiles can travel. The flight path and arc
of these missiles is also making them harder to intercept. What is far more
concerning is that as these ballistic missiles (and their launch pads) are
getting easier to manufacture, a well funded terrorist organisation could
easily buy 2 or 3 (or more) launch pads and orchestrate these launch pads to
simultaneously fire from different locations. Popeye might be able to use his
two fists to whack 2x ballistic missiles back to where they came from, but
sadly he is no match when multiple missiles (let's say 5 or 6 missiles) are
coming from every direction all at once. The U.S. also acknowledges the threat
of 'multiple missiles' landing all at once from North Korea.

I bet you are smart enough that 20 years ago you
extrapolated that perhaps a terrorist would use a plane to crash into a
building to kill 5,000 plus people. I bet 20 years ago you were also smart
enough to know that the 'brick' mobile phone would eventually become a dazzling
i-phone (a mini computer in your pocket). I bet you predicted that the human
genome would also be mapped. Bill Gates thought the world would need no more
than a handful of computers but i bet you believed they would be ubiquitous. I
bet you also predicted 3-D printing too! I bet you also bought Google stock too
knowing the internet would change the world. STOP THINKING YOU CAN PREDICT THE
1995 prius
maybe innovate the coal power plant so it will not produce co2?
i strongly disagree well if we will know how to destroy radiaton cause it will do a lots of bad stuff so? the best is just use sun battaries cause no radiaton no terrible gases and etc if you agree press the like button
How many astronauts have died?
Short answer: 5.
Long answer: Space engines have been around since 1954, the first astronaut death appeared in 1965.
The second appeared in 1978, the third in 1990. The forth in 2002, and the fifth in 2014.
how much HP things take from you
A human HP is 100 HP, if it damages you 100 HP or higher you’re dead.

Bed Bugs: 0.001 Damage per MONTH
Honey Bee: 0.002 Damage per week
Fidget Spinner: 0.003 Damage per minute
Humanity: 0.004 Damage per millisecond
Toxic Waste: 0.005 Damage per nanosecond
Nuclear Waste: 0.009 Damage per nanosecond
Nuclear Energy: 0.012 Damage per 0.1 nanoseconds
Cancer: 0.5 Damage per fromptosecond
Needle: 0.8 Damage per 0.0000000000001 fromptoseconds
Water: 1 Damage per 0.00000000000000000000000000000000001 fromptoseconds
Fire: 50 Damage per 0.00000001 atom-seconds
Lava: 90 Damage per 0.0000000000001 Molecule-second
Carbon Dioxide: 90.00001 Damage per 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 Molecule-Second
The Sun: infinite Damage per Molecule-Second
As per 2019, I'm still supporting exactly the same arguments showed here. It's "cleaner" (not clean; but it can buy us time to figure out how to solve this problem, maybe an alternative like thorium or somewhen fusion), it's safer (the security is much tighter as letting them go ballistic is indeed a problem). And the third is actually the solution for the two fromer's issues: research is needed. Renewable energy is my fav, but way less efficient for now in terms of not only power generation but ressource and real estate needed to generate the same amount of energy as a nuclear plant. And considering we are now starting to switch to electric mobility (public as well as private transport), we will need much more energy. Trying to solve an issue with another issue is not the way to go, but denying possibilities involved by not turning the back to it by making it safer or based on it's principles apply other techs is. I support this thinking since I'm 15 and 20 years later I still do, and nobody could convice me about the opposite without a "well, yes, but renewable is still better. why? It's renewable and has no impact" (no impact my butt; can't produce generators out of thin air and maintenance is still required. And for example the Three Gorges dam? Don't let me get started on that)
Oratile Ramorei
Who the hell is Turry😂😂
Toby Huang
1:20 CO2 not Co2!!

if it's Co2, then it means two cobalt atoms together which doesn't make sense at all
Jacob Truman
I love that the thorium reactor is the ark reactor from iron man
Rogan Phi
guud jub
Stems Andseeds
You need to do more research before posting video. "From 1946 through 1993(48 years), thirteen countries (fourteen, if the USSR and Russia are considered separately) used ocean disposal or ocean dumping as a method to dispose of nuclear/radioactive waste". So they aren't burying waste deep in the earth but dumping into the ocean. The thorium thing is fake. Don't believe anything from the nuclear industry. They probably made up thorium to make you spend money on them so they can clean up and monitor their messes with that money. They are an industry of lies. The original lie was that it'd be too cheap to meter. If they're willing to lie from the beginning they'll lie all the way through to the end of everything. They haven't been accountable so far, so why believe their lies now? Now they're trying to tell everyone that cancer is strictly hereditary. Like pollution and all the shit they've done doesn't cause cancer and you're the problem not them.
David Smith
spent fuel rods are stored all over the country in unsecured facilities that couldn't even withstand a tornado that's not even close to safe...Stop bothering me and get a real job...You're either a bot or being paid by the industry...only a psychopath would take that money
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