Got my Salvaged Raptor All Fixed Up! $1,100 240Z Becomes Carbon 2 days ago   16:09

B is for Build
In today's episode we're finishing repairs on the Roush supercharged Ford Raptor!
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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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Thor Thunder
i hope you spun the wheels for out of round and hope you put metal on the rim instead of a bulging tire on one side.
Chad Johnson
Why not use the winch to pull bumper a lot more control
Dave Smith
Less wide, does mean skinnier..

"The opposite of wide is narrow, and your example is correct. If you're talking about the depth of the device, you could say it is thinner or skinnier. You could also say it's less wide if you don't like using narrower.
....... this new sub likes it likes it alot....
Maybe a new air filter?
Ron's Easy Fix
It's not a Raptor fender it's a f 150 fender who knows with you guy's
Andrew Phillips
fuckin hacks bud
Boden Effekt
a german mechanic died with a heart attack after watching these "repair" vids
Nexcron Plays
what is the name of the song at 4:17?
Alignments are always very slightly toed in...
Victor DA_P
Charles Degener
I think B is actually for blabbermouth!
Todd Justice
The dealer is the only one who could certify the repairs done to that vehicle and when someone runs the Vin number they’re going to see the damage that was done to the truck and that u purchased it from copart and you have no certification of repairs
Piotr Krawiecki
Jay Bats
Awesome dude!
spanky arse
Best rebuild vids ever. Sorta like a roadkill but more home style. Love the shaky cam. Don't change as it shows this isn't some scripted production pretending to be a homie.
I wonder how accurate that wheel alignment was.
Dusty Harris
What was your bid the auction?
Hitesh Rawat
Have never seen such huge suv in India, but I love my nimble 800cc Suzuki
Mike. Valdez
I know I'm months seeing you. But you not being a real body man. But next time use heating trouch. Everything will bend back easier.
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$1,100 240Z Becomes Carbon Got my Salvaged Raptor All Fixed Up! 2 days ago   18:42

If we were to add a "rags to riches" story to the book of time attack, this would be it. Shawn Bassett knew he wanted a 240z after watching one clean up at an autocross way back when, found one for cheap, and spent the next few years building to attack time. AND - he just took a podium finish at the car's first time attack race!

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