Got my Salvaged Raptor All Fixed Up! Uncovering the Damage on My Salvage Titan 1 day ago   16:09

B is for Build
In today's episode we're finishing repairs on the Roush supercharged Ford Raptor!
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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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Ryan Lindsay
That inner tiered is bent lol
Mike Anderson
For the frame repair check with a suspension lift installation shop like 4wheel parts on 82nd or any les Schwab tire shop and see if they have factory lower control arm pockets. The factory parts are cut off the frame and new drop crossmember have the new pocket included. Be best way to get it fixed properly
Stoked to see how far your welding skills have come! From only tacking to having some nice stacks. Well done man. Can't wait to see what is next in the build!
A blue 6.2l raptor. One of my favorite cars ever.
You just seem to be bodging for the sake of it. Why try and weld the bumper whilst it's attached how can you spray it properly. Also the chassis will need setting on a jig to check its not twisted. This could be a death trap.
Marat Khurumov
Ебаать думал Конор Макгрегор!!!!
paquitos hammer
That red looks amaIng
paquitos hammer
Get rid of the bumper
Jeff Schmitt
Famous last words "that's not gonna break. That's not gonna go anywhere."
I might be interested in those aftermarket headlights when you go to do the face lift....if you still have them.
Pedro Rafael
Vim pelo beloto 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Am I the only one who likes the old Raptor more than the newer facelift model ??? especially with those widebody fenders ...
Timothy Janting
Make a thailand drag style raptor. Hahah
mcneal fiberglass 1 piece the front
jugernaut shaw
Video is great,prolly cuz I'm high
Jeff Shimate
Shooting at it a new weld technique
Now get yourself to an alignment shop !!
i fuck with those air maxs
B is for Build painting, true story 15:38 :) Keep going Chris :)
Danny Callihan
Moving your hand in front of the camera makes it constantly try to focus man. Quick way to give viewers a headache.
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Uncovering the Damage on My Salvage Titan Got my Salvaged Raptor All Fixed Up! 1 day ago   16:01

The day of disassembly has come for the Titan XD rebuild. Trying to get this auction project on the move, so I decided to tear into it and see all the damage from the accident. Stay tuned for quick videos of this truck.

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