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I don’t really like myself without you
Every song I sing is still about you
Save me from myself the way
you used to
Because I don’t really like myself without you
I really wish I hated you
A little drunk, waiting on your phone call
A little numb, maybe I can’t feel at all
You stitch me up but you can’t stop me bleeding out
I’m better when I’m broken
I love y
ou but I hate you when you’re with someone else
And I want you wrapped around me but I don’t trust myself
I drove by your house but you don’t live there anymore
Won’t you say something, won’t you say something?
I really wish I hated you
The sun is out
dying in the daytime
I think about the future that we left behind
I drank it all but I can’t shake you from my mind
Now every window’s broken
I can see that you’ve had enough
I can see that you’re giving up on me
I can see that your hands are up
I can see
that you’re giving up on me
I hate the way that you’re better off, better off
I numb the pain but it never stops, never stops
Wish I could say that I’m better off, better off now

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Pepe Grillo
Actually, I prefer when Marck sings.
George Morgan
This isn't blink 182
Richie Mandanici
My cover of this song !
Coldflames 360
Awesome song...People should understand that music and life evolves and the so called critics are the ones that have made rock not progress ,slowing down its evolution . hip hop , pop and rnb have all evolved except rock. Rock needs to evolve to go mainstream again.
Thomas Clifford
How did Sum41 become the heavy band?
Rian Afand15
1,25x speed
You can feel the real BLINK182!!!
When I heard Blink 182's new song "Darkside", the first image I saw in my mind was Kylo Ren from Star Wars reaching his hand out and begging Rey to join him... to join the Darkside... this sparked an idea and I had to make a music video about it combining two of my favorite things in the world... Blink 182 and Star Wars! I hope you love it!
Link to watch:
SV Avocet
jesus christ i love this
89X Radio needs to play this 🤙#89xradio
my god what happened to blink this is fucking horrible
Luis marquez
Duuuudes your whole new album is awesome! My favorite one is Ransom and Black Rain!
Damn this is fucking amazing. I can't wait for this album
alby ultras
i don't like this shit
Luminous Form
Grr. Relatable.
spaghetti fan
You guys should listen to my mashup of this and Nothing Even Matters by big time rush! The songs go together oddly well
Bethany Drage
When he sings "But you don't live there anymore". He sounds like an animal crossing character
Jonathan Settle
The chorus is missing something. It has an absence of Toms voice which would have been perfect for him.
This shit is wack as f. Angel's and airwaves sounds more like blink right now than blink....
Álvaro Saboya
Pues a mí me gusta
David Ernst
This makes country pop sound good.... @blink 182, *i miss you*
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Blink 182 - I Miss you blink-182 - I Really Wish I Hated 2 days ago   03:42

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