Spate of anti-Semitic acts sparks France : les actes antisémites en hausse 2 days ago   01:53

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A tree planted in a Paris suburb in memory of a young Jewish man who was tortured to death in 2006 has been chopped down, authorities said Monday, confirming the latest in a series of anti-Semitic acts in France.

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not notness
Who were these barbarians, who tortured this young jewish man to death? Who are these barbarians who dawb hate on the walls?
Fake hate crimes.
Stupid French imports a million people of a religion that hates all other religions and they wonder why this happens. Enjoy the riots Saturday you MORONS!!! lol
Oy Vey Goys!!! Be a mensch and never say anything critical of the chosen people, otherwise it's Anti-semitic!!!
Tiago Reiser
wondering why France has such a rise in anti semitism?. A hint: is not because of any right wing . But there is a shift in France population, that answer pretty well why this is occurring. But no one can mention it or they will become bigot so the anti semitism will continue to rise and nobody will fix it cuz people avoid facing the. problem.
#FreeTommy #FreeTommy
And look at the bootlickers gathering to howl about why this is justified. You have forgotten, France ,having the jackboot on your neck. Jews, you scream, while another ideology is raping Europe...??
Trenton Quarantino
But you can attack white Christians all you want and the news say that it's protesting white supremacy.
These people have earned their victimhood. The have a memorial/celebration once every year.
Their's is a special genocide that seems to overshadow all the other atrocities for some reason.
Almost the entirety of anti-semitism comes from Muslims. Hatred for Jews is all over the Quran. Want to stop Jews being abused? Then stop importing Muslims.
Just account
out of Europe
Kay T Lennon
Looks like Macron has sunk to a new low, ( wonder who he paid to do this ) trying to pin this crap on the yellow vest now, ooppsssss even yellow spray paint , bring on the elections
This is unfortunate; weak people looking to blame others for their shittiness
Harry D'Amour
Just remember, the Jews view us like cattle. They don't care. Look what they did to the Palestinians, what does that say about them?
Dim Dim
And what about our 5 churches attacked last week France 24 ?
Capitalism is the problem, not Jews
United State of Zionism
No news about France people who is protesting against Jew banker puppet Macron but report against Antisemitism , shame western corporate Media .
This show who owns France .
Men In Black
Wait and see how Israel will go and kill more Palestinians as a consequence of these antisemitic acts in Europe.
United State of Zionism
"The greatest success of Bavarian Illuminati Conspiracy was The French Revolution of 1889 "
Of "secret society : illuminati , Freemasons,and the French Revolution"
France become slave of Jew Rothschild Banking system 💯💯
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France : les actes antisémites en hausse Spate of anti-Semitic acts sparks 2 days ago   01:23

Deux arbres, en hommage à Ilan Halimi ont été vandalisés. Une profanation qui intervient, alors qu’une série d’actes antisémites ont été commis en France ces derniers jours.…

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