Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists Russian Army vs Japanese Army 1 day ago   08:55

This video shows a failed attack of Russia-backed terrorists on Ukrainian army. The video was presumably made on the occupied territory of Luhansk region (eastern Ukraine). The date of the video was not specified.

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Александр Месиков
атака провалилась из-за того , что один долбаёб не смог попасть по танку , а так норм всё было . шли бодро , молодцы.
Ich habe Den Namen vergessen
RIP for the people
RIP Russian soldiers🥺😔😔🙏
PZH 2000
Lemon Nation
first time seeing an enemy tank
Keith Whisman
What a fuck up. I hope leader of this attack got fragged for this. You should never learn how to make a good advance in force while retreating from enemy firing at you in the freaking open with no cover. The Ukraine force didn’t need to risk a BTR, they could’ve picked off those BTRs with RPGs as they got within range with ease and the men using them for cover would’ve had less a chance to make it back to their lines.
saladin صلاح الدين الأيوبي
That TANK stop whole operation .
But who posted this video !!!
MomentofTruth666 tom Bronski
Ukraine occupies part of Russia, part of Poland and part of Hungary. It is time to correct that. Ukrainian Nazis under Jewish command are disgusting. Shame ...Slavs murdering Slavs by a Jew arranged war. Bolsheviks were Jews, stupid Ukrainians, not Russians. Nazis were Jew financed. Fuck you, idiots. You get stupid, you get destroyed. NO one likes you. You are fucken murderers of women and kids.
I am the King of the Poo People
ASSHOLE leads them out into an Open field, they get Ambushed and then he turns around and starts yelling at them that THEY WERE BETTER TRAINED? Hopefully His Commander shot him in the Head?
폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크
They were inspired after watching Fury
John Escario
Russian trolls in comments: ...

Ukrops: 100% Russian trolls commenting!
Vosk Velcrow
its funny to watch videos from each side, everybody think they are right and everybody just show their victories, yet if i had to choose, i would side with russia, no offense but they are the dudes in that estern region (and im from europe) they got balls of steel i have to say, bullets past by them at the start and they keep casually saying
-hey we might be to far
-yeeeeah well, let's keep going to that bush
*keeps walking*
Russian tactics haven't changed I see. Seriously though its been a conscript army since WW2 and these are easy tactics taught to simple untrained recruits...walk forward and die!
Brian Jackson
Russia is not a super power. They are nothing more than an army of ignorant serfs, led by drunk officers. Their airforce is smoke and mirrors. The USAF and Navy would have air superiority in less than a week. Then it would be target practice. Another highway of death situation, as Russian troops high tale their candy asses back to Russia.
I think Abu Hajjar trained them!
Aaaaahahahahaahahaha 224 putlers cock suckers didn't like video :D
Do You Even Dab Bro
This is how it will be in America soon. Getting rid of all the communist bastards. A cleansing if you will.
Good job.
krasniqi edon
Fuck russia love Ukraina 💕❤️
Thatonewhiteguy Jeff
The fucking iraqis have better tactics than this lol
Janis Ozols
hahaha horosho podzharili ruskih mrazei. pust podihajut gnidi blatskie hahahaha
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Russian Army vs Japanese Army Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists 1 day ago   10:37


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