Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists Ukraine War - Close Call For Rebel 2 days ago   08:55

This video shows a failed attack of Russia-backed terrorists on Ukrainian army. The video was presumably made on the occupied territory of Luhansk region (eastern Ukraine). The date of the video was not specified.

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152mm gun Bl10
Combat on wide Ukrainian Fields! Like in WW2!
Martyn Tully
That's what happens when you go "Russian" in
5:42 what is that hoovering in the sky above the burning btr? When he first pans towards it and zooms in there's nothing in the sky but when he zooms out there's a black silhouette in the sky? Or am I tripping?
Secular Turkısh Oficcer
I love russıa ura
Stolya Production
some of you don't understand the difference between rebels and soldiers, the people you see in the video are ukranian rebels
Now, there are fewer Russian Nazis in the world.

These bastards did not even sketch the tactical signs of the Russian army, as they usually do. Probably hoped that the world would always believe that "there is no Russian army in Ukraine."
Dan The car guy
Russians are still poor and weak 🤣🖕🇷🇺
Crusader Watch
Ok so is Ukraine at war with Russia or Russian people with weapons fighting Ukraine or Ukraine rebels fighting Russian rebel’s or something who they fighting?
Ronald Brown
Russian failing lmfao they always fail there drunks the US will crush them
аника воины
John Doe
look at these russian, great job ukraine
If your BTR gets hit by a tank round and you survive, it's time to start buying lottery tickets
Ivan Fedorchuk
Пабєда рускава духа , опідливились як завжди
Fraksi 69
Abu hajaar group vs this group ??? Who will win ? choose your side.
Tony Mind
God bless Ukraine and men who are protecting it from russian occupation. God bless from Lithuania.
Go away russia
11122 99
Neonazi ukraine
Turkish Punisher
Someone from ukraine who knows whats going on,who is independent, please tell what the hell is going on there, the reason for all this? Who caused it, for what? I want to hear from a local ukranian.
Tulga Tuvshin
American terrorist secrets army in Ukrain.
my grandfather suffered ww2. He said, german soldier landed with Fi-156 on his field, asked for some eggs, and offered deutsche marks...... After two years russian soldiers came on horses, they where searching for their own man, that retreated :D
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Ukraine War - Close Call For Rebel Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists 2 days ago   01:50

Novorossian Rebel from the "Somali" battalion platton has fierce close call with ukrainian army tank during intense combat at Donetsk airport. Ukrainian troops made an attempt to break through to the airport, but weren't aware that the fire department have been taken by Novorossian forces, so, as one of the soldiers who took part in the fight told later "We shot them as if was some target range". The only thing that saved UA troops was that NAF didn't have enough ammo delivered there yet.

Translation by Kazzura (

Footage by NovorossiaTV
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