Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists Ilovaisk Massacre: 1000 Encircled 2 days ago   08:55

This video shows a failed attack of Russia-backed terrorists on Ukrainian army. The video was presumably made on the occupied territory of Luhansk region (eastern Ukraine). The date of the video was not specified.

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Louis -
Ooo boy open field whate hell you doing🤦‍♂️thats one of the first thing i have learn by my recon sqaud. Don't attack a enemy in a open field who is digging in.
Commander ™
They are completely untrained. No tactics, no proper comm channels, no suitable medical equipment. Tramadol?! Straight from babushka's pill stash, ey? Unbelievable. They were lucky that the regular Ukrainian Army isn't much better or this would have been a massacre. One modern tank and a decently trained crew and this turns into target practice and no means to counter it. They can be lucky that the other side has shitty equipment as well.
rick morty
it is not a tank, it is SAU
Travis Tucker
EU bootlickers.
These guys walked themselves into a kill zone.
It's great to see the Ukrainian army taking out the trash!
Deus Ameno
don't rush b plz
Mindaugas Šimbelis
Fucking ocupants
SyMa X
Good job fighting for that slither of land, your lives are still going to be miserable and you're still going to live in povety, oligarchy, and in corruption.
Russian terrorists hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahah
Qulu Hacizade
Adolf Hitler
6:06 Bla Bla Bla... off loser.
Śmierdzące onuce się przypaliły dla bydła ?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ..... putinowska dzicz spierdala !!!
Sucuk GmbH
Iam not from Ukraine or Russia but the russian community in Ukraine cant just take over Ukraine so I find it okay if Ukraine kill them..
Văn Phạm
Glory to Ukraine. From Vietnam.
Matteo Cappello
Ukraine is rightful Italian Clay.
Имам Сулейман ибн Барашкоёбов
И это наши русские братья ?уму не постежимо ...это такой брат подлец ...который наркоман ,алкаш ..сидевший ..который тебя же ограбит , побьет , убьет , и изнасилует твою жену ...
С такими братьями , враги не нужны .
Подонки .
Leuko Cyte
So sad..pray for peace
Let's walk on open field... ahaha dumb ruskies
Dodi Gago
If they die, they die.
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Ilovaisk Massacre: 1000 Encircled Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists 2 days ago   15:01

Up to 1000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the battle of Ilovaisk (
Most of them were murdered on August 29th 2014, in the "humanitarian" corridor from Ilovaisk encircled by Russian troops.
The column of 60 vehicles led by truck carrying dead and wounded soldiers flying a white flag was destroyed with mortars, heavy machine guns and tanks entrenched in fields. It was a pure massacre, organized by about 3500 Russian troops and 500 Russia-backed terrorists.

5 days earlier, on August 24, Ukraine’s Independence Day, up to 4000 Russian troops crossed Ukrainian border and encircled Ilovaisk – an important transport hub, which allowed free influx of weapons from Russia to the major city of Donetsk occupied by Russia-backed terrorists.
Some Russian soldiers who crossed Ukrainian border were captured and later exchanged for Ukrainian soldiers captured in Ilovaisk. See videos of their interrogation here:

In the column of Ukrainian soldiers leaving encircled Ilovaisk there was a dozen of wounded and captured Russian soldiers. The shocking part is that Russian artillery destroyed this column together with the captured Russian soldiers.

Ilovaisk tragedy became the turning point in the counter-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine – it showed that Russia began full-scale invasion of Ukraine and that the counter-terrorist operation has transformed into war with Russia.
Inability to resist Russian army which is 8 times bigger than Ukrainian armed forces, forced Ukrainian government to sign Minsk ceasefire agreements.

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