Building a "Lego" NES Mini Console Made Up Pokemon Abilities for the Next 1 day ago   13:53

Assembling a Nintendo Entertainment System-style model from Retro Power! It's a kit built with a Raspberry Pi in mind, so you can have the fun of making a Lego model while also getting a functional case.

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Got a bunch of requests for an unedited, full-length video of the build. So here ya go:
There is no commentary and I didn't have a proper mic plugged in so the audio is kinda meh. Oh well, enjoy!
My god i love this stuff! im 32 but i will never grow up! lol
John Rupesh
Could have made this video little shorter. Too much of blabbering.
Jordan Julian
I didn't know you had legos!
CO Default
Awesome. Now I want a retropi
bcf6921403 bcf6921403
I have the same problem with cheap retro-controllers (nes, megadrive, even psx), they work just fine but just don't feel "right" because the weight. I just open them and glue a piece or two of metal to the cases inside and problem solved.
Only 90s kids remember the old lgr opening
Everything Twice
Hey lgr make more thrifts
I used to think you were Jangbricks
Awesome job😊
George Kay
That is some dreadful knolling my dude. Especially compared to the stuff Adam Savage does in Tested.
The wild meme of the west.
now you've got me intrested
David Romig
My son (now age 12) made a bunch of micro game systems out of legos that look really good, including the NES. He even used to create a model and build instructions. Neat stuff.
Cameron Hall
I just had to sit through a 1:15 ad that I can't skip. Thanks, Hyundai.
It's a legtendo
That’s actually pretty cool
this is pretty interesting despite its shortcomings
Ryan Matthews
if weight means "cheaper", i expect you to be carrying toshiba satellite 4000.
Burg Burg
You have soft hands
Colton Harner
You should build the SNES and Sega Genesis cases too, they're also by Retro Power!
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Made Up Pokemon Abilities for the Next Building a "Lego" NES Mini Console 1 day ago   12:50

Pokemon Sword and Shield will offer new Pokemon, but also new Abilities for the games! And even though those are the closest, this list is timeless in that any of these new abilities would be able to join the games anywhere down the line...

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