Anthony Joshua FINALLY REVEALS: El verdadero motivo por el que se peleó Kiko 2 days ago   19:40

Thanks to JD Sports, we present a candid chat with Anthony Joshua regarding his upset defeat to Andy Ruiz jr and their rematch.

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Marcus Jean Pirae
He hasn’t learned anything.. . Still in complete denial..Just imagine what Deontay would do this guy? 😳 ☠️ sad..
alex espinal
Now it just looks like here is trying to look for excuses smh i respected him more before, when he took the loss like a man
AJ sounds punch drunk to me....
Robbie Wilkin
He lost cuz he’s way to slow, not that talented compared to any heavy champ ever
John rombo
jasmin robinson
Man fuck Anthony Joshua. He is corny
Pin Cushion
Fuck me it talks
Jason Meza
Is it just me or does AJ seem like hes lying? Lol
Mike California
The problem is this foo ducked the real champs and turns out AJ's not even at their level. Ruiz is going to knock this cat out again.
Too much excuses, Just take the loss braa, Then get him back. Too many excuse s you wont learn ,
sosa mcd
Yada yada yada whatever be the part not look the part this guy can’t handle no heavyweight american fighters...
Oh please you lost fair and square stop crying already and ruiz would do it again
Meriton Kadriu
You can't teach a tough mug and Hammer fists. AJ is physically a beast but mentally ain't no daisy.
He should be giving Ruiz praise, and keeping his mouth shut until he fixes this in the Ring. It was not a disputed decision, Joshua lost the fight.
Ray Hernandez
He got a glass head
H Lee jr
You better get that Lennox Lewis jab in your arsenal A.J.
Alan Armstrong
A good ripped physique,vis nothing without grit & determination. Ruiz is gonna go at Anthony from the get go, & if he Anthony does not have an offensive counter attack, with fire & a ( u ain't gonna run over me mentality,) the outcome will be a repeat.
all this just to say.... look brah... i was really thinking i was going to win ease but.......... end of 20 min video lol.
New Message
AJ will win people chat shit go in the ring pussys
Piripi Hiku
When he couldn't deal to Parker, who I do not rate at all, I knew he wasn't at all what the uk make him out to be, and Parker "escaped" in the Ruiz fight, and I'm a nz'er but for me it's, the man that went the distance with aj which had never happened, and won a very dodgy decision against Ruiz should at least have another crack against aj
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El verdadero motivo por el que se peleó Kiko Anthony Joshua FINALLY REVEALS: 2 days ago   11:21

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