Grading Every Lakers Free Los angeles LAKERS 2019-2020 New Line-Up 1 day ago   11:31

Grading the Los Angeles Lakers Free Agent Signings After Not Getting Kawhi Leonard | 2019 NBA Free Agency. The Lakers signed Avery Bradley, DeMarcus Cousins and Jared Dudley among other to surround around LeBron James. Which was the best signing?

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After seeing the chaos the past few years, I wouldn't be surprised if they flopped. That's a lot of old players past their prime. You have AD, but his past with the pelicans was hardly impressive. It will be interesting to see if he was a "best player on a bad team" scenario, or if playing with one of, if not the best player of all time will help him get over the hump that was mediocrity in NO.
Israel Green
Why didn't the Lakers sign lance stephenson
Dewrell Peeler
Same narrative as mainstream media
Zucio 809
thumbs up if kobe should comeback
Alex Carrillo
Avery Bradley a good pick up a B+
Cara de Huachinango
to put it in perspective, Lakers surrounded by NBA proven Champs with experience. Lebron, Rondo, McGee, Green, Cook, adding Davis, Bradley, Cousins, Kuzma in the mix. This will be a very balanced ball club.
Mells Rod
You’re way too harsh with the grading ! You sound almost French by being so pessimistic !
TSM Phantom
Kuzma, Cousins, and AD in the front is an insane front court(if lebron is playing pg)
fredo slim green
The Jazz and Clippers are way better teams than the Lakers! Keep dreaming.
Conan Edogawa
9:12 49.7 million over two years for Avery Bradley when English caption is on wtf
Big Pit Bully
Bro Bron is not playing no fucking point guard i wish yall stop saying this Rondo gone fasho be playing point guard
Your idiot Rondo still good player so you really need to stop please you’re just some goofy ass white dude with a weird ass opinion
Jacob Martin
ur wayyyy too conservative w ur grading, you said you really like the boogie and alex caruso deals but have them b and C. we did really good rebuilding the roster considering we waited for kawhi. boogie is a fuggin steal that’s A**
Bear Sean
With dwight Howard now boogie can be a stretch 3-4?
Eric Perez
What’s happening with lance is he still with lakers ?
Yo Buzz
Cook also has good playoff experience as well. You cannot look over that. We have Rondo for the D at the PG position.
Boss Playa
They did the best they could with what they got to offer
Actavis Watts
Lbj always tryna build a super star team but it. Back 🔥 but. This team will get him to 1st round
Life of Pagz
Broke ass white boy grading the signings.. you're not even in your high school basketball team bruh.. how dare u!?!
Leonardo Yi
Alex Carusso is a great signing for the Lakers. I have high hopes for this kid. I hope he gets a good amount of minutes each night. Good shooter, plays defense and is really unselfish. Besides that he has good court vision. He comes to play everynight. Very underrated player. TBH he is the best PG we have on our team, and that includes mr James. He should be a starter.
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Los angeles LAKERS 2019-2020 New Line-Up Grading Every Lakers Free 1 day ago   15:12

Lakers NBA 2019-2020 New Line up
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