Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama Reality Shows- Stand Up Comedy 1 day ago   06:03

Drew Lynch
Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama During Show
And then it gets weird.


Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.

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A super cute guy with his average-looking dog.

Intro animation by Tony Celano of Tomorrow's Nobody

Carefree Melody by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Stand up comedian Drew Lynch from America's Got Talent and his service dog Stella vlog about stories from their day to day life. He has a stutter, she has captions.
Join us for new episodes of Dog Vlog every Monday and Thursday, and our animated comedy "Therapy Dog" every other Saturday!

Comments 1499 Comments

Nova Gaming
This guy is the greatest
Isaiah Lozano
I love this guy man he’s hilarious even at a disadvantage
Omg I didn't realize that stella wasn't there for like 20 seconds
Bro you are hilarious 😂😂
When he said "Welcome to Houston" I ACTUALLY DIED 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nicole Kobela
Omg it took me three videos... pausing and replaying... Zooming in and analyzing.. to figure out where that distinct high pitched cackle was coming from .. then when my genius self finally realized it wasn't a stalker but yet indeed Mr. Lynch I died.

😅 What an iconic fucking laugh. Really ties in the jokes and puts a cherry on top.
I love this dude😂
Neil FoReal
Yep. Pretty much. My birthday is tomorrow the 16th. And yes. I am an empath.
Richard Little
You are amazing drew. I have loved listening to you since AGT. I was going thru a bad time with my depression tonight but after watching this video my attitude changed
Elizabeth Peters
I miss Stella! :(
I watched your videos a couple months ago and i just came back and WOW just WOW your stutter is like not even noticable
The Turkey Dance
quit talking about your self in the 3rd person
CurbsideSlav _
Why is Stella a stuffed animal in this video? I haven’t seen any of his stuff since June.
Mikela shields
Where is Stella?
Robin Williams is smiling.
Carrie Thurston
Drew Lynch:
Is hilarious
Connects with his audience
Laughs like a Chinchilla barks
kewi games
You better get to 2 mill
Brad Mowreader
At 65 with full dentures I can tell you that not having teeth definitely gives you better access to pussy. Just call me gummy bear.
Vihar Shah
@4:30 Best Part
Potato Stuff
This dude is kind of a dick to his audience
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Reality Shows- Stand Up Comedy Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama 1 day ago   10:59

How real are Reality Shows? How do parents treat me after watching them? My first video stand-up comedy video will solve this mystery for once and forever!! Check it out guys.
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