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Oz Media
Don't Drink the water please.

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Oz Media
This isn't on my channel, but I did a colab with iiluminaughtii on her channel, so here it is to check it out. We pretty much just watch furry tictoks and suffer with the cringe. More of a podcast instead of the usual reddit content. (Sorry to my furry peeps)
10:18 Honestly, I wouldn't mind a visit from Subaru. Just don't try to see if your power work in this world bud.
Amber Grey
The difference between a child and a hooker is that you don't have to pay the child.
Amber Grey
0:56 Ew no one wants your rotten cooch water you fucking blow up doll! You make the rest of your gender look gross. Put away your tits and stop being a thot.
Roombas do consume dust, which consists of a large amount of dead skin cells...
A Reddit channel that doesn't use artificial voice?!
12:35 Child's Play
M&H Vlogs
Belle Delphine gave ppl herpes lmao
juan Gonzalez
1:45 just in case don’t bring your son there if he has the name DIO
ya boi
id like a roomba to eat my meat
AJ Olesen
3:55 she is selling her pee, but it is $9,999.
She only is selling one
Some people are just insane
Phantom Solace
Dark humor is like food
Not everyone gets it
God dammit
maine keeps doing stupid stuff
Gorden Freeman
you know, there technically, there is no brown skittles, so, m&m's would fit better as a lgbt supporter, as they have more colors; including brown
8:57 I’m still dying till this day
MC Basically
We need that Gamer Girl bath water for the Area 51 Storm
vengeur50 / V50
He had to read all theses lewd things
Claudia Borges
1:12 bro there was also one like
Belle asked what they would do If they found her in their fridge (they = any of her fans)
One guys' answer was:
"I would be scared cause the rest of the bodies in my fridge dont smile"
(She was smiling in the picture)
Chris Worster
I noticed that the person who drank the bathwater was in maine. Now im sad
Lethal 911
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TikTok memes that will r/CursedComments | Bath Stonks 2 days ago   25:08

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