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Brilliance K Karwee
Joannie-lee Harris
John Doe
l think this story is very simple story. and it is too long🤣
Leo Bro65
Stupid my pingu tv
Hào Võ
I Like the voice Eva
John Boykin
9:12 what about those POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS
John Boykin
by 8:46 I be like tf?
John Boykin
0:23 me: hold. the phone! (congrats if you get the reference)
Stef P
Prince:did u save me?
Princess: yes
Prince:wow thx
Prince:Will u marry me
That princess lied
Miss. meymey
Please made a Cinderella story. . Please please.. I recommend you to made it
Roxanne Pinedo
Part 2
Sridevi Pushkaran
Hannah Friend
It's almost like arial
The shrimp sounds like wall-e
K bonbon
Why can the mermaid talk
Jaspreet Kaur
This is so much more diff. But it is good🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👌👌👌👌👌
Joseph Ting
Akwasi. Oppong
How does the crab talks.
Jaba The butt
Or some humans live to 1000 years
Geeta Hegde
You have just made a good story a worst one and it was ok if you had shown her next life
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The Frozen Princess The Little Mermaid Story | Bedtime 1 day ago   11:30

Princess Lily’s magic | Story in English | Story | English Story | Stories in English | Bedtime Stories | Fairy Tales | English Stories Tales





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Lily lowered her head, trying to stop the tears from falling. It was just her and her dad now, and she knew she had to be the strong one, for her father’s sake. He had often said that his wife was the glue that held the family together, and now, as she stood at her dear mother’s graveside, Lily knew that she had to be that glue.
She told her father that she wanted to be alone for a while.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do without you, Mom.”
As her tears fell unheeded, Lily felt that someone was standing beside her. Assuming it was her father, Lily got to her feet and wiped the tears away.
“Don’t hide your tears, child,” said a gentle voice, “there is no weakness in crying for someone you loved greatly.”
Lily looked up, and before her stood an old lady, dressed all in white, her kind face smiling down at the sad girl.
“Wh...who are you?”
The old lady’s dress shimmered, and Lily realized that she could see through her.
“’re a ghost?”
Strangely, Lily wasn’t scared because this lady was not that scary
“I am a ghost, Lily, yes. But don’t be scared. I am here to help you. You see, you have great power within you, magic so powerful that you can change the world. Use it wisely, my child.” And with that, the old woman disappeared, leaving Lily standing all alone.
As she joined her father, she realized he had been watching her.
“Who were you talking to, my daughter?”
Lily looked back toward her mother’s grave.
“Nobody, father.”
***** In time, Lily’s father took another wife, Miranda.
“I don’t want you to grow up without a mother, Lily. Miranda has two daughters, so you’ll have the sisters you always wanted.”
It was true, Lily had always wanted sisters to play with.
At first, for a few days, life was good. Miranda was kind to Lily, and her two step-sisters – Nelly and Nora – would play with her for hours.
Her father, a farmer who worked hard, had to go to a market far away, so he told Lily that he would be gone for a few days.
“Your step-mother will look after you Lily, and I’ll be back before you know it.” And he went off
Life changed very quickly for Lily. When her father was out of town, Miranda and her two daughters were cruel to Lily, forcing her to do all the work and making her eat, and sleep, in the kitchen. And when her father was home they would act like one big happy family. Lily decided to tell her father what was happening.
“Father...” she started, “...Miranda hates me—“, but her father stopped her.
“She hates you thinking you have to do all the work around the house yourself – I know Lily. Which is why I have decided to hire some help, to do all the jobs you shouldn’t be doing.”
So her father hired a young man named Billy.
Billy was the same age as Lily, and they quickly became friends. In fact, Billy was the only person who ever talked to Lily when her father was away.
One day, as Lily’s father left for another trip to the market, Miranda called Lily inside.
“You. Girl. You need to clean this kitchen, it’s disgusting. Lazy girl”
Lily knew the kitchen wasn’t dirty, but she did as her step-mother said, if only to get her out of the kitchen.
Billy was angry and wanted to speak to Lily’s father. Lily was in love with him, she was hoping he would ask her to marry him.
After finishing the conversation with Lily’s father, Billy was upset and left the house.
Lily was heartbroken. What had she done to upset him so? He was her only friend in the world and now even he wouldn’t talk to her.
The next few weeks were the loneliest that Lily had ever known. Every day, Billy came to work but never spoke to her. She caught him looking at her sometimes, but whenever she tried to talk to him he would just look away, or pretend he was busy.
It was on one of these days that Lily heard a lot of laughter and screaming coming from upstairs, and she knew it was coming from the direction of her late mother’s bedroom. She had made it clear to her father that she did not want Miranda or her daughters anywhere near her mother’s possessions, and, with anger she rarely allowed herself to feel, ran upstairs to her mother’s bedroom.



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