Christmas Specialties (1) Lebkuchen from Pfeffernusse - German Iced Spice 2 days ago   05:08

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Christmas time offers a wealth of traditional holiday treats. Our euromaxx reporter Mathias Stamm set out to try his hand at making some of the best-known specialties from various European countries. Today he starts off in Nuremberg, the best place to learn how to whip up a batch of Germany's version of gingerbread cookies.

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Run The Atlas
How do you pronounce lebkuchen?
Mathius: , das allebeste Rezept für Lebkuchen Nürnberger Art, ist im alten "Bayrisches Kochbuch" auf St, 713. 1974 Auflage 43. J.G. Weiß'sche Buchdruckerei München. Guten Apitit, und alles Gute!!
Crystal D
I would love to visit the Nuremburg Christmas Market someday and eat a genuine lebkuchen!
Guempih8 8
02:34 i guess i'm not the only one that thought she would say masturbator^^
Where does one get those little spinning pedestals that they use to shape the lebkuchen?
I watch this video over and over. I want to go to that bakery, and Nuremberg is beautiful! Wish I could live there.
Lovely! I made my grandma a big batch of lebkuchen for Christmas to remind her of home at this time of year. Just sent them off to her yesterday. They really do take patience to make but aren't too difficult when you know what to do. Mine have pretty much the same ingredients to this baker :D I don't know all his spices but I'm sure its not far off.
Lugh Summerson
2:06 It's not just the lebkuchen that's sweet and fruity.
Dr. Drakken
The Wunder Cookie!
Steve Hall
Gute Information!
Jane Noonan
I've tried Lebkuchen- it's sooooooooooooo yummy!!!!
I love Ludwig so much > w
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Pfeffernusse - German Iced Spice Christmas Specialties (1) Lebkuchen from 2 days ago   18:51

These oookies, heavily spiced with lots of different spices and then iced as well are a wonderful addition to the treats to enjoy over the festive season.


All the recipes on my blog:

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