Fat Joe, Dre, Lil Wayne - Pullin Rick Ross MMG WEEKEND POOL 1 day ago   02:41

Download, "Pullin". Out Now!
Stream: https://EMPIRE.lnk.to/Pullin1Yo

Music video by Fat Joe, Dre, Lil Wayne performing Pullin (Official Video). 2019 RNG / EMPIRE


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Love that this song is 10 minutes long....Oh that's just me replaying Wayne's verse
Matthew Allen
Wayne made this song! His next album “Funeral” is going to be a classic, patiently waiting for it to drop.
Juwan Williams
Dope song but could have done without the Dre verse this needed another Joe verse and another Wayne verse and they just should have kept Dre on the hook would be alot better that way!
Patrick H
Can’t stop listening to Wayne’s Verse god damn
Money Mike
Crack cooked up into audio & visuals. Swinging my dick at model bitches like im Canseco ,Say tho your friend kinda fly, I wanna fuck her too, that wasnt a question that was a statement ,if u aint down then hoe,u can get to skatin, Tony Hawk, Keep a Hawk in the waistline I like to spark shit,July 4th I body niggaz,If I cant fuck it, count it,smoke it or kill it Ion want it bitch I am the Illest.
Geiler shit...
AJ Wilkinson
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wayne killed y’all but its gassed up
Leon Emmanuel Bella Eloundou
Damn Wayne just bodied em all
djpwen red
Somebody deport fat Joe.
Ndivhuwo David
Lil Wayne🔥🔥
jump off
wanyes verse was tha shitttt mmm i wonder if gillie wrote it
ouahden38 adalriss
niggas :D
I dont listen to wayne but its the only good part of the song. I mean joe aint garbage but..
Click if you wanna hear some good Music
Twon Hardison
I love Fat Joe...... but that motherfucker needs to go to "saying the N word too much" rehab!
Nathaniel Jordan
✨🤘🏽👽We are NOT the Same I aM a Martian 👽 ✨ Certi5ied
🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 mics
Nathan Bigelow
Weezy 🔥
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Rick Ross MMG WEEKEND POOL Fat Joe, Dre, Lil Wayne - Pullin 1 day ago   04:24

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