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Billions of dollars are spent on infrastructure to host an Olympic Games, and afterwards, stadiums often sit empty. Pressure has been building for years on the International Olympic Committee and host countries to make sure such facilities don't turn into white elephants. The expense is also making countries reluctant to bid to host an Olympics. As South Korea marks the first anniversary of the Pyeongchang Winter Games, Bruce Harrison reports on the past, present and future.

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Not again
Wonderful Mockingbird
Georgia Dome, one of the world’s largest domed stadiums, was brought
down in 2017 . why Americans are so coward.
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Air Zimbabwe - The World's Most Dangerous Pyeongchang One Year On: Winter Olympics 1 day ago   14:24

This video is about my Air Zimbabwe B767-200 and B737-200 flying adventure inside Zimbabwe. Is flying Air Zimbabwe really dangerous?

In the video:

0:57 Flying Air Zimbabwe B767-200 Johannesburg to Harare
5:46 Flying Air Zimbabwe B737-200 Harare to Bulawayo to Harare
11:42 General Sights of Harare, Zimbabwe.

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