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We’re going to the zoo and we’re going to see all the animals! Are you excited to see the zoo animals? Enjoy this song by #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes

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We’re gonna go, go to the zoo
We’re gonna go, go to the zoo
We’re gonna go, go to the zoo
Won’t you join us too?

Lot’s of animals at the zoo
A tiger, a monkey, an elephant too
We love animals, how about you?
Let’s go to the big, big zoo

Hippopotamus soaking in the pool
Under the water they stay cool
A Mommy, a daddy and baby too
They are a hippo family

Baby Hippo, opens his mouth
He’s got big teeth a great big snout
Shows his tongue and sticks it out
He is a happy hippo

I see a tiger, he’s gonna roar
I see a tiger he’s gonna roar
I see a tiger he’s gonna roar
That’s what tigers do

Give him some milk and he’s gonna purr
Give home some milk, he’s gonna purr
Just like a baby covered in fur
A tiger cub so cute

High in the treetops what do you see?
High in the treetops what do you see?
What new animal will we meet
On our zoo adventure?

See the giraffes , stand so tall
See the giraffes with necks so long
They look hungry let’s feed them all
Feed the giraffes some food

We're gonna, slide, that’s what we’ll do
We’re gonna slide, that ‘s what we’ll do
Won’t you come and join us too
We’ll all go and slide together

What’s at the bottom, of the slide?
We’ll find out, let’s go for a ride
We’re going to get a big surprise
Sliding at the zoo

Look at the elephants in the parade
Look at the elephants in the parade
See them march, see them play
Just the like a great big party

We had fun going to the zoo
We had fun, going to the zoo
We had fun, how about you?
Fun at the zoo, zoo, zoo

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These rhymes for children help teach basic skills and improves their ability to comprehend and follow directions. Nursery rhymes and kid’s songs accelerate phonetic awareness improving children's word comprehension, reading and writing skills.

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Rainbow Monster Machine Learn Let's Go To The Zoo | Little Angel Nursery 2 days ago   11:19

Shapes of Monster machine to learn via nick jr. blaze the monster machine.

It's funny and enjoyable!

More videos: https://bit.ly/2JgNgF6

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