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Best of TV
Here is our take on some of the most hilarious scenes from The Big Bang Theory. Tell us what you think about it.

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Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Dell! 😆😍😅😘 Bong Solo!!😱😎😋💃
Chloe Field
Chloe Field
Chloe Field
I love the one with the Bungalows
Chloe Field
Trieu Loc Thai
"Penny, please don't hurt my friend" at 7:40 was so sweet of Sheldon
Vicky 12
Brilliant compilation of all the series! Well done! ☺️👏🏻
Khansa Sana
That Marie curie part 🤣🤣🤣
The moment when u realizes that this isn't worth a laugh
*dark humour intensifies*
fany ayuningtas
OMG Sheldon sucks at pictionary 😂😂
Jess F
7:41 hurt my heart ... "Penny? please don't hurt my friend"
Chaitali Sarkar
If only we had friends like them
Comix Hub
Is it just me or is their voices way higher in this
the part about "german train schedule" is wrong...actually trains here are late most of the time lol taking a train in germany sucks
Dominik H
haha 'like a german train plan', He didnt say like the actual trains haha xD
germans will understand
Md Modassirul Islam
The pictionary clip was my first ever clip of big Bang. And bam, after a year, I m in season 12. I binged this in 2months.❤️
14:03 am I the only who spotted Jim trying not to laugh
Shannon Swift
0:47 funny how I'm actually boiling potatoes right now while he was saying that
wassup bitchesss
3:10 what episode and season????
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The Big Bang Theory Best Sheldon Best of The Big Bang Theory 2 days ago   14:56

The Big Bang Theory sheldon cooper funniest moments from season 1

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