Hippie Wife, Hippie Life. When you have PTSD from 1 day ago   07:23

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If you have a hippie wife, you're going to have a hippie life. If thats the case, watch "The Flamingo Special" by Johnny Beehner only at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/johnny

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Tapio Puranen
"I want you to be around to see our kids grow up"
-So stop being crazy and you might...
Btw it's fake, any hippie worth their salt will insist using washeable fabric diapers...
Gold Winger
One would think that a hippie dippie wife would not use Post-It Note and disposable diapers. For shame :-)
Mark Caldera
He said crack needle ha
Alison Alison
As one who subscribes to the hippie-dippie movement, I think these Mormons are laughing a little *too* hard 😄
And hippies use cloth diapers 🙄
I feel so called out lmao
Felicia Moniq
Wash clothes eliminate that
“Crack needle” 🤣
T Richardson
I lost it at 5:00 😂😂
Everything was hilarious except the "these cows were not treated humanely" part. Hurting innocent beings is just plain sick. Not funny at all.
Am I supposed to be laughing at this hammy comic? These jokes suck. I am a fan of comedy it's not even the material because I know people who would crush this premise.
I actually laughed really hard at this one
John H
And apparently from all the comments, I’m just supposed to accept this as comedy and laugh, I can’t deny it was mildly funny, but more disgusting and tragic than anything else…
John H
You might be trying to make a joke, but not real funny. Is this really your wife??? How did she marry you???This is NOT what “hippie” aka rich white people soap is like. I can’t deny I found this mildly funny, but it really shows your ignorance about the dangers of the every day things that are killing us. You’re one of these mindless Americans that think they can go to Sam’s Club and get all their health and beauty supplies, and get cancers and diseases in your retirement while you’re overweight and insulin deprived…
Brian Babinski
I only watched this because my girlfriend is a health nut hippie!
Spooky Boyy
Hilarious except for the thought that when the show ends, he actually has to go home to that
Dios De Hueco Mundo
Me when my boyfriend refuses to take medicine bc he prefers to "just sleep it off" and then he keeps whining for almost 2 weeks
Hahaha I love this dude
Something impressive about a joke with no curse words or dirty jokes
Wade Robbins
I'm a old granola head from SoCal. I recommended castile soap to one of my friends and her face broke out in a rash.
My bad.😞
Cindy Eckles
pow hana
A story about marrying the wrong woman
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When you have PTSD from Hippie Wife, Hippie Life. 1 day ago   06:26

You might get PTSD from teaching kindergarten, if thats the case, watch "Getting Schooled" by Briane Moote at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/brian

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