UFC 242 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier #WSOF19: Justin Gaethje vs. Luis 2 days ago   08:52

Dustin’s TIGHT Guillotine, Khabib’s TIGHT Rear Naked Choke, and the Eagle Lock that almost ended Dana White’s life - all brought to you by the Diamondback Rashguard that creepily predicted the whole thing (volume up watch until the end)!

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Riyaz Mulani
You CAN'T find out minute cores of technics from habib he have special gift from ALMIGHTY ALLAH
Indubitably Ken
Gracie vs Nurmagomedov!
Bitcoin Fund Manager
Herman Syah
Khabib was hugging in the friendly way, not a fighting way... Left hand under armfit.
El sádico
Who want to see Gracie vs Khabib?
Carzo Parazzo
Master Gracie, that was a hug. You can see that one arm is behind Dana arm and the other up. It wasnt a choke
Dylan Thomas Prowse
I'm a fan. Great video
Joe B
U don't know Khabib yet.
Esk K
Wish khabib would come choke your dumb ass out permanently
Esk K
You are a dumb ass. You don’t know half of what your saying
Esk K
Dude shut tfu
Farid Siety03
Gak seruu
bass wind
Stop wearing those pants fucking gross for everybody
Jonathan Davies
Tony is the type of guy who would have finished that choke
lo l
wtf are the dislikes about?
Patricio Martinez
Wow the end of the video is shocking
To the other dude in the video, be careful of gracie. He's clearly got an agenda against khabib cuz that's such bullshit about him strangling dana. If he's willing to lie like that I'd be careful around him. DISGUSTING!
The Gifted Prodigy
10k dislikes
Azman Azmi
Fuck you i dont want see u i want see khabib
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#WSOF19: Justin Gaethje vs. Luis UFC 242 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier 2 days ago   16:12

In what many consider one of the best fights in the history of WSOF, and the Fight of the Year for 2015, lightweight champ Justin Gaethje defeated Luis Palomino in an epic battle.

Gaethje (14-0) and Palomino (23-10) met in the main event of WSOF 19 at Phoenix’s Comerica Theatre. It was expected to be a spectacular match but it exceeded even those lofty expectations.

Gaethje wound up retaining his belt with a third-round TKO, but not before both men combined to put on one of the most entertaining bouts in recent memory.

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