GOOGLE DRIVE IS GOING AWAY?! Collaborate and Store Files with 5 months ago   10:15

Google will be shutting down the Google Drive desktop app in March 2018 and dropping support for it in December 2017. Thankfully, this is because they've introduced a BETTER app - Google Backup & Sync. This combines the Google Drive app with Google Photos for a more complete and overall stronger solution.


Download Google Drive Backup & Sync -

The Google Drive app for PC and Mac is being shut down in March (The Verge) --

In this 2017 Google Drive tutorial, I show you the NEW version of the Google Drive app for desktop - Google Backup & Sync. I show you how to only sync specific folders, how to sync other computer folders, and Google Photos integration. Google Backup and Sync is actually a really solid improvement!

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

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Download Google Drive Backup & Sync -
Yazuki Wolf
I don't understand the Google Photo option in the setup. Does this mean ALL photos in the folders I sync go to Google Photo? What if I want to save some photos full quality in my drive and some other photos in Google Photos Unlimited Storage?
Is there a way to separately specify this?
Call Linus Tech Tips, it's TunnelBear your free VPN application.
Allen Schneider
Presently I back up pictures on my android phone to Google photos. Will the photos pictures be transferred to back up and sync and future phone pictures uploaded to backup and sync instead of Google photos? If I install back up and sync on my mac computer can I sync my drive documents to my computer but keep my Google photos in the cloud?
Love your CRT monitor.
Mohamed Gamal
Basically that sword is the why you are playing Minecraft
Nick C.
Is anybody other Mac user having an issue with Google Backup and Sync no longer syncing or showing in the menu bar? I'm not an idiot, so yes, I have tried uninstalling, but it won't even let me do that because it says Backup and Sync is running. I have no way to shut it down because it's not showing in the menu bar or in the force quit (option+command+esc) list of applications. So to recap for clarity, is anybody else having an issue with Backup and Sync not showing in the menu bar, and/or do you have a fix?
Derek Wright
Hello, I was able to sync two pc's (Laptop and Desktop) to my Google Drive. This was very useful, I could work on a "Word document" on my laptop save it, Google would sync it to Google Drive and my Desktop pc. Then I would be able to use my desktop pc since it was syncing was Google Drive and could finish the "Word document" for example. With this new Google Backup and Sync App, is this still possible to sync 2 pc's to your Google Drive or Backup and Sync Drive? Thanks
why does your windows look that great?
It´s awesome :D
Vagabond Artist
thanks a lot, helped a lot!! :))
i stand alone
unfortunately, there is no android version of this application (Google backup and sync) 😞😞😞
Christ Siu
I can't download and install Backup or Sync. What should I do?
The Google Drive app has been giving me problems. It has saved blank already deleted files. That I already deleted off from my Google photos app. Ever since deleting the already deleted blank photo files from my Google Drive app. A network error message constantly keeps popping up everytime I use any app on my Moto G4 phone. The message says "Network error occurred, please try again later." It's annoying and I don't know how to get rid of it.
Arturo Garza
Mine converted, but the Google Drive icon still appears. What gives?
Yaay, I just find another Winamp user :D :D
"... you do still need to be making regular backups if you want things truly backed-up..." - so what is the message here, google backup not reliable, don't use as primary backup or this covers data backup only or something else? what is this non-truly backup limitation? :) Thanks.
Jonathan Bieß
so we can still use the website drive ( aswell as the mobile app?
Nahed Duran
i mean taking a picture of the note and using google drive to convert it to text
Nahed Duran
hi i've wrote some notes and i want to change it to text is this possible
EposVox can you please tell me which camera to buy because after all your camera reviews im still stuck thinking which one to buy HELP :)
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Collaborate and Store Files with GOOGLE DRIVE IS GOING AWAY?! 5 months ago   04:48

Team Drive is your team's solution for file management. Check out the Support article here:

In this episode, Jimmy and Jenny walk through how Team Drive is different from your person Drive. It's easy to add members to a Team Drive and change permissions to those who have Full, Edit, Comment, and View access. G Suite Administrators also have more control on what content gets uploaded, shared, and deleted. To check out the full list of sharing permissions, check out the Help Center article here:

No more missing files when a team member leaves. Also, when someone joins, all of the existing content lives in one shared Drive. You can also add outside members to the a particular Team Drive if you are working on a project together. Keep in mind your company either needs to allow this for all employees.

Want to take full advantage of the existing The G Suite Show video library? Check out the following resources:
- Check out our searchable library:
- Ask access to our Google Drive: You’ll have access to all scripts and videos in mp4 format, so you can create your own training resources!

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