AMD Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X X570 TaichiでZen2限界OC ~3700Xの零下での挙動は?~ 【Ryzen】 2 days ago   37:02

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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review, Zen 2 Has Arrived!

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Kalfax plays
why don't you have any results in 4k?
Benedikt G.
Hey, you guys can you help me? I just got my 3900x and just let sit everythin in stock and got "horrible" results 3.9GHz all core boost and max 4.0Ghz single core boost.(CB20: 6500) When I manually oc (which I dont want to for everyday use - stability is more important than speed for me) I can easily get up to 4.2, even 4.3 (sometimes). What do I have to configure in my bios to get these non manual OC 4.1/4.2 All core boosts? (Aorus Elite x570) Everybody is saying you dont need to OC to get most of the performance, so what do I have to change to enjoy most of the performance without manual OC? Thanks guys, I'm a total AMD noob sorry
It's worse than that it's dead Jim
Alfa Romeo
Should I get a x570 or b450?
Simon Lally
Did you use Adobe Quick Sync for the Premier Pro testing? Can you explain the difference in results for Premier Pro seen here at 4:02?
Sobrevivendo Ao Caos
12:40 rtx 2080 ti ? +80 fps 1440p ?
Stefan Yalamov
that so sad you killed the beast :o
Major Disaster
Steve, could you consider having a single chart that shows AMD/Intel vs Game Engine. you could put the game logos beneath to be concise. Cheers
"I'm going to cautiously move to the gaming benchmarks"

ad : "HOLY SHIT..."

not even kidding this ad was perfect.
Hey guys love the videos, I don't comment that often but I was wondering if I could get input on the build I am looking at. Here is the PC Part Picker Link: Any suggestions would be great. Aiming for 1440p gaming. If I can keep the features and save some money it would be cool. Thanks in advance. :D
KK Master
now change the gaming results in the future with a pcie 4.0 advantaged graphics card.
Up Tv
no 3800x ?? its very weird
Jason Levine
8:15 were the Intel CPUs using quick sync for these tests?
What about 3600x vs 3700x?
The 3rd gen has arrived. 🚫not 2 gen🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊
Wow... AMD have absolutely destroyed Intels entire product line... At 1440p there is literally no reason whatsoever to buy an Intel, and this is just the first week of release, so not even a single driver or game update.
AND games will eventually utilise more cores/threads.
AAAND developers will work closer with and favour favour AMD if they keep this up.
AAANNND support for like £30 motherboards (!?) is increasing. Things can only get better for these chips! AAAANNNNNDDDDDDDDD even in like 4 years time, you can simply drop in a 16c/32t monster (rather than spending £100's on a new Intel mobo+cpu).

In the UK, the 3700x is a whopping £160 ( $210) cheaper than the 9900k. If AMD continues this level of competition, we might get back to the good ol' days of only needing to spend £200 for a top tier cpu that lasts over half a decade (eg 2500k / Phenom x2).
Who agrees? >>>>
1 ) Cheaper
+2) More cores / threads
+3) Much better future proofing
= You'd have to be an idiot to choose an Intel atm.
Denis Despot
What do you use for your b-roll, to get it to be so smooth?
Petrus Laukert
would like to see comparison in between 3200mhz cl14/16 difference in ryzen 3000 series processors :) thanks for your good work!
ricky v
Good review. I was impressed and glad to see AMD did as well as it did. (:
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X570 TaichiでZen2限界OC ~3700Xの零下での挙動は?~ 【Ryzen】 AMD Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X 2 days ago   16:21

X570 Taichiで3700Xを限界OCしてみた。
常用時にも役立つ新機能の“Infinity Fabric Divider”のチェックや、冷却力が及ぼす定格ブーストへの影響も検証しています。

▼X570 Taichi

▼ASRock公式サイト (日本公式Twitter)

CPU:AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
マザー:ASRock X570 Taichi
メモリ:Phantom Gaming Memory DDR4-4000
グラフィックス:ASRock PHANTOM GXR RX590 8G OC
電源:Enermax MaxTytan 1250W
ストレージ:128GB SSD
OS:Windows 10 Pro 64bit版(1903)

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