AMD Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Ryzen 3700X & 3900X REVIEW 2 days ago   37:02

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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review, Zen 2 Has Arrived!

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Timur Dzhambinov
Would you still advise to not get x570 boards for 3700x? Or things changed since?
Would the Asus Crosshair Vll be good enough for the 3900x. Or would I be better off going with a X570.
Lithios King
NORDVPN = WASTE OF MONEY. . . Windows has built in software that enables the use of VPN services that don't charge you a dime. . . Why would anyone buy bloatware is beyond me, but perhaps that is why I don't get payed the big bucks
Gönül Teli
I got the same issue with my Ryzen 5 3600. It was not a X570 board but a X370 board but the same error message "07". Asus suggested that the error 07 and error 8 point to a broken cpu. Luckily Amazon was so kind to replace my cpu.
Timi Kärkkäinen
How much more power does PBO drawns and increase temps?
Greg Goodenough
8:11 - well, 3d gen TR "kicks ass!!"
Deferences in gaming would be a even more if the chips were overclocked. Same with the Synthetic benchmarks.
Murali Dharan
I get only 44 fps with I5 8400 and RTX 2070 super in Odyssey but at 12:30 even 1600 touches 60. Can you help?
Frozn Fire
Seems like AMD has finally reached Intel even in most games 👍 adding in pricing, they're just way better overall CPU's with less power consumption and more headroom for multitasking. Intel really needs to lower their prices or step up their game if they want to compete imo
Blast Elemental
About the IPC test: was the Intel cache speed also locked to 4 GHz? I don't know how does it behave, maybe you have to lock it separately?
why 9900k at 4ghz lol
Gul Dukat
on my 3700x + b450 gaming pro carbon(with latest bios) i get 4600-4630 r20 multi core score :(, all is out of the box except xmp for the ram. Single score peak is 4,33 multi core boost up to 3,95 :(
Guilherme Bressan
Wait a minute, you don't fix the voltage when testing the OC performance? I don't think that's the best methodology, since you introduce variance (some boards may boost voltage higher, for example).
Zebra Pleco
I have two unopened 3900X CPU’s available if anyone is interested for $619.99 plus $5 shipping. Reply if interested 😎
I had 1920x since launch but now the board started giving me problem day and day. So sold it. Bought the best board, x570 aorus xtreme with 3700x..OCd to 4.3ghz.

This is because I'm waiting for 3950x and will trade in. But man this is beast and with OC, it's already exactly same and someplaces faster than my 1920x which was already ocd to 4ghz...

My cinebench r20 scores 5000 at 4.3ghz at 1.38v

But here's my problem, i have h115i and at idle my copy runs around 40-50c and on load goes to 80c even in 10 seconds run... Checked everything..
Echoeversky Ü
I wonder when the Gaming while Streaming benchmark will be the standard for Gaming benchmarks.
Ariel Feldman Bracke
There was no cost per frame graph that studied 1440p performance. I would argue that it's even more important than comparing 1080p performance.
Has anyone done testing to see how the new Ryzen3000 series gets along with dual rank memory? Does it suffer the same reduced mem clock speeds as 1st and 2nd gen when all 4 mem slots are occupied?
i would love if a benchmark maker would actually display the games i play. Everything is always shit shooters and mainstream garbage. Where are the Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, and other rpg benchmarks?
David Frisken
How much difference would running memory at AMD's recommended speed rather than the 3200MHz used, make to these results ?
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Ryzen 3700X & 3900X REVIEW AMD Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X 2 days ago   19:03

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