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CGP Grey
All boarding methods in full:

More Queues:

HI-related easter egg (there are lots of easter eggs in this video):

Voting systems:

First class:

Grey discusses making the video on Cortex:

## Papers

Optimal boarding method for airline passengers:

Experimental test of airplane boarding methods:

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Andres Rodriguez
Solutions that are the first thing we think of and look sensible and are easy to implement are often *TERRIBLE INEFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS THAT WILL CAUSE SUFFERING*
salamander saladman
got this from a. comedian i heard on vacation:
“ya know how i would speed up loading a plane, ‘HEY HOW BOUT ANYONE WITHOUT A BUNCH OF CRAP GO FIRST’”
SOVIET RUSSIA WILL RISE AGAIN! And we will use the better way.
Joeseph Moore
What if....planes....had another the back row!
Andy Cheng
I guess YouTube recommendations have brought us all back together again
Never understood the desire to board first. I’d rather bored last. I mean think it through, you board first now you still got to wait in a seat for everyone else to bored. I’d rather be the last to board they way I can spend more time playing in the airport.
Steffen way can happen, you put X's in the terminal with your number 1 - 300, North Korea style or no flight for you.
CGP's flight was so bad they turned him into Dr. Seuss.
Kurt Cobain
So, it’s not better?
I don’t really care if I get on the plane I’m fine
Thanks Wendover Production !
Jason Gordon
Doesn't Delta use Front to Back in 3 groups? I was just on a couple delta flights that did that
Joseph Rinaldi
Southwest gives everyone a specific order (e.g. B23) and you line up, but it's based on when you check-in and they don't do assigned seats. Too bad, they could use that system to have it work so well!
How does a chair scare the grim reaper who has a scythe?
James Butler
Watching this video has somewhat confused me. I have been on many plane flights and not one has had boarding groups. You just get given a seat number and go sit down. Usually there aren't really any queues because everyone has to show their passport and ticket before boarding. I live in the UK so I'm wondering if this is specific to Europe?
Michael A. Webermann
I rewatch this video every few months with such joy. His petty nerdy exhaustion is so palpable and relatable. I just love it
munu numu
Only JAPAN can make this Steffen Perfect work. They are close to perfection.
he says “economic incentives” but makes it so a child can hear that and go,
oh because they want money
Maciej Skubiszewski
No Steffen modified has no chance to work in real world. It is so because your simulation doesn't take into account that each passenger is allocated to specific sit. You can't predict in which order they will stend in the line so you can't guarantee that first will sit in the end of plane. If the passanger will be allocated in the front of plane and will stand first in the line he will slow down boarding anyway.
Kyle Pickus
Southwest is master race at Boarding because they aren’t as elitist.
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How to Make Colgate Airplane | Amazing The Better Boarding Method Airlines 2 days ago   06:26

I will show you how can you make a aeroplane out of a colgate box or any thootpaste box. This Colgate airplane also requires motor and battery. This colgate aeroplane does not fly but kids will like it. I hope you will love this video.

#ColgateAirplane #DiyToys

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