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CGP Grey
All boarding methods in full:

More Queues:

HI-related easter egg (there are lots of easter eggs in this video):

Voting systems:

First class:

Grey discusses making the video on Cortex:

## Papers

Optimal boarding method for airline passengers:

Experimental test of airplane boarding methods:

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Lillian GUERIN
The air line I use 15 and back board at the back of the plane. And 1-15 board at the front.
I like the allusion at 3:05 😂
Isaac Bailey
_"Reaching for perfection, we will always come up short; but perhaps, we can manage to get closer in the process."_ Not going to lie, that's incredibly inspirational.
Informative and super-cute!
Mr. Gentlezombie
0:31 what about Occam’s Razor.
The angel in the thumbnail is holding the violin on the wrong side
Sky 201
Just treat the passengers like cargo...
Opt. Medusa
shut the fuck up and get your own plane.-..
Pedro Beires
First video I saw from your channel. Holy shit, what have I been doing all my life? This was AWESOME
unicorn sprinkles
I’m always worried I’ll be the idiot who holds ups the cue so I have one bag with phone headphones and book
Hyper crew/austinplayz
Window middle isle is stupid when u have a kid lmao
Intaxian Mapper

Why did i never tought of that lets do that in the airports too!
Mariana Skaggs
Bonnie Bee is the BNL of the CPG Grey universe. There many rhymes in this video 🐝 🍯 🐝 🍯
N English
You may be a monkey, I'm not.
Mr. Balloffur
People with no carry-on should get to board last and deplane first. I hate waiting for 300 people to get their bags when I can just walk on and off.
3:06 Casey Neistat reference lol
Steffen Perfect can be made faster. Back-to-front in one row, on alternating sides, windows in. This minimizes the number of times the queue stops from 12 to 6.
What about the obese people that are legally required to take up two seats and have an extra belt? What the hell America? One of my first flights to the States and I witness this tragedy...
Jeremy Boulat
It's used in Japan
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NORWEGIAN AIR - Watch this before The Better Boarding Method Airlines 1 day ago   08:00

Norwegian Air Review.
Norwegian Airlines 787 review and a look into flying Norwegian airlines Long Haul from Los Angeles to London.

Norwegian Air have made people look at the low cost long haul market in a different light in the last few years, offering a good experience with modern aircraft and multiple routes to destinations in North America, Asia & South America.

Norwegian 787 Dreamliner experience.

In this video we take a look at Norwegian's economy class on the Boeing 787-9 including a look at the nice and tasty meal and we see if its worth the cost or better to eat before you fly.

This video also shows you the best economy seats to pick when flying on Norwegian Air on the Boeing 787-9.

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Norwegian Airlines Long Haul Experience
Norwegian Airlines Flight 7094
Depart: Los Angeles (LAX)
Arrive: London (LGW)
STD: 12:40pm (ADP: 1:24pm)
STA: 7:00am (ATA: 7:52am)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
First Flight: 10th Jan 2018
Delivered to Airline: 19th Jan 2018
Seat: 11J
Flight Time: 10h 19M
Meal Service: Nice & Tasty Menu

#norwegianairlines #economy #boeing787

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