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Sales of vinyl records around the world are higher than they've been since 1991. Long pronounced dead, vinyl has reestablished itself, and is enjoying fresh popularity.International artists have their LPs and singles pressed by the Pallas company in Diepholz. Pallas is a family operation - Europe's last bastion in the vinyl record market. Now the Beastie Boys have commissioned Pallas to manufacture their newest LP. A report by Jana Wochnik- Sachtleben.

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Holger Neumans Shirt reads: Die Erde ist eine Scheibe. wich means: "The Earth is a slice." We wouldn´t say "The earth is flat", we´d say that. Funny thing is "Scheibe" or slice we use for Records, too. xD
Raffaele Vitucci
Who would want pops and crackling in the recording on records? I want it quiet and only music, I see the pops and crackling as defects. Crazy or what!
Toney Isaiah
I doesn't bother me
That's part of playing
יניב עמנואל
רומנטיקה עתידנית
Joy Swami
If I have option I would go for records
Melanie Berger
Interesting that he's using a classic Gerrard 301 turntable. Gerrard 301's and Thorens TD124's are still the best, some 60 years on.
The German pressings are better then Japanese
pity they use shit innersleeves
jack oldman
DJs at loveparade wanted records not for scratching, but regular mixing records to play music
German classical records are no guarantee of a pop free listening experience. I prefer a German made CD's that are 99.5% with no defects. Pick your own poison. I buy a lot of used vinyl because I can get it real cheap. Like I said, pick your own poison.
Белогоръ Ѩ
James Reeno
Why can’t American pressing plant have THIS sort of quality control???
Michael Davidson
I can't believe this! Instead of going backwards the music industry should introduce a new high definition audio disc. A Blu-Ray disc with uncompressed audio tracks, 24-bit, 192Khz. Studio quality music at home! this is how music should be in the 21st century!! Screw vinyl!
The Cardsharp
That machine dropping that record into the sleeve like that. Ugh...
we still need vinyl records!
King Of Sync
Disappointing to see that a record was pressed in about 5 seconds. Japanese records are far superior and record plant will take a minimum of 20 seconds to press one record, and it shows
Jonathan meyer
What company did you get your silver station from. Did you make it
At the beginning, this is not pressing, its mother disc.
blueeagle homestudio
i hope turntable and reel to reel is come back
It's a shame Pallas screwed the pooch with the U.S Super Deluxe version of Led Zeppelin "Houses Of The Holy". "The Ocean" has a massive distortion in the left channel. The European version is fine. Oh well, $120 down the drain.
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Cutting a 78 rpm Record Vinyl Records | Made in Germany 2 days ago   04:40

Using a portable Rek-O-Kut record cutting machine / lathe to make a 78 rpm record. More at the 78 rpm Collectors Community:

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