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Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing! Cleaning The Dirtiest Van Interior Ever that is in need of a full cleaning. I show you my process from cleaning the car interior top to bottom and making it look like new again and share with you all of the tools and products used to clean this car interior and bring it back to life. #minivansneedlovetoo #carcleaning #cardetailing #cleaning
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Wagner Steam Cleaner -
Portable Carpet Cleaner -
Chemical Guys Silk Shine -
Invisible Glass Cleaner -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
303 Aerospace Cleaner -
Detailing Brush (Set of 5) -
Folding Workbench -
Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer -
Grit Guard Inserts -
Chemical Guys Foam Cannon -
Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt -
The Guzzler Microfiber Drying Towels -

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Danny Cox
Sub'd today and clicked the Bell. Nice job, there, Brother, you make it look so easy, lol. I am 67 years old and have always wanted my vehicles to look new, I bought a steam cleaner (about a month ago and now recovering from a left shoulder surgery, so I can't wait to try it out.) before I saw your video, a McCullough from Amazon, about $130.00, (from a different video) so I hope it is as good as the Wagner you use. One thing I never really thought of is the portable carpet Cleaner (your Bissell), I can see how that is a huge plus as well to deep clean the carpet. Well, wish me luck, if I can do just half the job you did, (it'll probably take me 2 days to do what I have seen you do, Man, how I wish I was young again, lol. Oh and by the way, it always was funny to me to open up a vehicle and see all the trash just everywhere, but I think you mentioned that you have 4 children and another on the way and probably your wife drives that one the most of the time and I don't know many women that understand what it takes to keep a vehicle from getting like that, lol. Don't say a word about what I said, she'll be getting a contract out on me, lol !! Love watching you work, you're a lot like me. Take care, my Friend !!
Mahad Ahmed
Does Anyone else finds this satisfying? I know I do
Umiko K
I can’t let my car will look like that 🤷🏽‍♀️
stumble trip
The truth of having kids: everything is always a mess.
Two minutes after thoroughly cleaning : mess again
sara F
why don't you steam under the black rubbers on the sides of the doors.. there is a lot of dirt hidden there..
Omar Hasan
Can you clean my car please 🤗
kyle butterfield
One thing that works really well is to put some air freshener in the air vents so that when they turn it on they get a fresh blast of a good smell
Katrina Wall
My boyfriend had Astro turf car mats in his car so that his work boots don’t put mud of the carpet
Darrell Patterson
Man you do a hell of a job on detailing....
Hope the wife gave you a nice bj for your effort.

Ya, you need to go to the dollar store and grab some bath towels to put under those car seats. Makes a huge difference. Next time you should buff those seat anchor bolts back to life if you’re going to the trouble of removing them. Just saying.

Nice job
Keith Newton
The only thing that does concern me is yiu do nitbuseca leather cleaner or leather feed after you clean the leather with strong chemicals.
Leilani Cash
What type of mini van is this?
Allyson Stanley
Love these videos. On some bad details like this it’s a little easier to just take the carpet out all together and power wash it. That way you can get under the carpet and eliminate smells all together.
This is awesome dude
Nojanae Simmons
I love how we all expected him to have the cleanest car! Lol
Lynn Marie
Pls do before and afters at the end, I don’t wanna skip back to the front lol 😂
Pineapplefrost 2134
And little did we know the range rover sport in front of the van would be an interior and exterior video lol
G i s s e l l e
When you do the details is the car off or on?
Gabby Garner
No one:

Literally nobody:

Him: “cAkEd oN GoO “
Mitch Lett
You have become what you seek to destroy
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Pressure Washing The Filthy Patio Complete Disaster Full Interior 1 day ago   06:25

We are back to testing the NXG2200 electric pressure washer ( and a new 11" Greenworks surface cleaner for electric pressure washers ( to see how much work this homeowner grade equipment can tackle!

This patio is used mainly as a secluded outdoor garden, and is a beautiful and peaceful location. A thorough cleaning of the concrete is in order, as it has been some years since the last cleaning.

Will the NXG2200 pressure washer with 11" Greenworks Surface Cleaner be up for the job? Take a look for yourself and see!

My thoughts: the surface cleaner did great for dirt, but really set in stuff (like some of the mildew under pots) will need chemical treatment. I am not sure if a gas pressure washer versus electric pressure washer would do the trick!

Copper Creek Cuts is a lawn care and landscaping business in Florida with a goal to entertain and educate.


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Contact me: [email protected]

2018 Lawn Care Setup:

2018 Chevy Colorado WT
2016 Peach Cargo 5x10 Enclosed w/V-Nose & Side Door
2017 Bobcat QuickCat 36" Stander
2016 Big Dog Alpha 36" Zero-Turn
ECHO PAS2620 Power Base
ECHO 58V Power Base
Poulan Pro PP25SFA Power Base
ECHO Pro-Torque Trimmer Attachment
ECHO Straight-Shaft Edger Attachment
ECHO Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment
ECHO 3 Foot Extension Attachment
Poulan Pro Pole Saw Attachment
ECHO PB770T Blower
ECHO PB8010 Blower
ECHO HC150 Hedge Trimmer
ECHO 58V Hedge Trimmer
Worx 40V Hedge Trimmer
DJI Spark
GoPro Session 4
GoPro Hero (2018)





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