The Coming War with Russia over Tension High (March 18): 1 day ago   49:26

Ozzard of Woz
CORRECTION: Several times in the middle of this video, I have mistakenly used the name "Yevtushenko" instead of the correct name, which would have been "Yanukovych". The longstanding battle between Russia and the USA/EU for the hearts and minds of the people was generally between Kuchna (sort of) and Yanukovych vs. US/EU Favorites Yuschenko and now Poroshenko.

Poroshenko is currently losing in the polls and needs a war to stay in power. It seems from what was said at the Munich Security Conference that Mike Pence would like to give him one.

At the Munich Security Conference (2/19), VP Pence urged Germany to create a naval incident in the Kerch Strait.

8 Months in the Ukraine

Snipers in the Maidan

Polish MP and Presidential Candidate conducts a candid interview with a Polish Newspaper and states that the Maidan Snipers were trained in Poland. He is also very expressive on the US and names the countries that are pulling away from the sanctions.

Glenn Greenwald offers these two links on the New Cold War with Russia, with the following words. For the crucial context on NATO/Russia tension that is very rarely heard in the Western press, I highly recommend these two items:

“For several years Russia and her president have experienced endless demonization. The Russians know that Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia (done while Putin was at the Beijing Olympics) was a Washington provocation. The Russians know that Washington’s coup in Ukraine (done while Putin was at the Sochi Olympics) was a provocation aimed at seizing Russia’s Black Sea naval base in Crimea and cutting Russia off from the Mediterranean.

The Russians know that Washington knows that the charges that Russia hacked Hillary’s emails and the US presidential election are lies. The Russians know that the “Russian threat” created by Washington is a lie along with all of its permutations, such as an impending Russian invasion of Poland and the Baltics. The Russians understand that US ABM bases on Russia’s borders are provocations, as are NATO military exercises on Russia’s borders and in the Black Sea. You can add to this list on your own.”

In this well-linked and very thorough analysis, Robert Parry discusses Obama’s failures and notes potential areas for future Trump triumphs. He believes that Trump could open up to the American People and expose the lies they’ve been told about Ukraine, Syria, Putin, Russia and the Crimea. This is one of Parry’s very best efforts and the links provide the facts in regard to each of the false narratives.

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Charlotte Ruse
Trump is going to do what he's told.......You have too much faith in a lying imbecile.
Charlotte Ruse
Was your brother's wife connected to the CIA or did her daughter have a special talent--like her ability to learn languages. I was just wondering how and why they recruited someone so young. Does the CIA scour high schools looking for new recruits. I find the process very interesting, if know more tell me how it works.
A bit too one-sided perspective on the events. You simply twist some facts and leave out the rest. That's how propaganda works by the way. Well let me clarify some points that you omitted. Was it willful omission or not isn't of much relevance now. You've alleged about Ukrainians executing Jews on mass scale and fighting alongside with Germans. Let me tell you this. There were different groups fighting with different sides. But the absolute majority of Ukrainian Insurgent Army was fighting Soviet occupants who took over their lands. They might be neutral to Germans at some point, but definitely not pro-German. They just saw bigger threat in Soviets. Even more so, there was a large, over 300,000 army of Russians (google Vlasov army) who actually fought against soviets on the side of Germans. Following your logic, Russia should be named German collaborator now. What do you say to this? Btw, why didn't you mention about NKVD officers dressing as Ukrainian rebel army soldiers and killing civilians in western Ukrainian villages? I also didn't hear you mention 700 thousand executed, several millions imprisoned in Gulag and 10 millions starved Ukrainians esp. in Eastern part of the country because of Stalin repressions and policies? (google the Holodomor). Why didn't you tell about Stalin who forcefully moved all Crimean Tatars, the native population of the peninsula, from their land to Siberia? So maybe Ukrainians had their reasons to fight and oppose Soviet repressions. It's not for you to decide in any case. And btw, Russia did not unite with Crimea, it annexed the peninsula using its regular army, and your country, the US admits it as an annexation, along with the whole Western civilized world. Also USA admits that the Kerch incident resulted in taking Ukrainian sailors POWs by Russians. There's a ton more arguments to mention here. You can't just skip uncomfortable facts, it makes your narrative 100% biased.
Gary Gagnon
OUIoui Russians want to be free sell gas to troupe to create jobs wealth as BP breaks down from old age and neglect massive war it will be UGLY war has changed One other thing Russian is our Niabour north east west That means cost of gas goes down I worked was attacked true story chemical agent I am Manufacturing see the picture I made that man machine brains on my dime I had much more
Tyler G
Thank you!!! Awesome history lesson!!!!!!
M. How
Those German floats say it all -- very graphically! Really funny! If you could have inserted the maps into your history lesson it would have been really helpful to understand what made Ukraine so important and why the U.S. meddled. Actually, our State Department meddling was very beneficial to Russia. I think President Trump was planning to sell liquid gas to Europe but now that Russia has almost completed their pipelines they don't need us. This was a really good info video. Thanks.
t q
Lol. You seem so ready to suck on russian dick? Be a patriot. Dont bend over to the red russians. Let them cry and moan. They let hitler build on their border. Russia is a land full of oil and dunb drunks. Im sorry you are so afraid of them. But seriously. . Who cares ? We asked them to join the west. They said no. Ok! I hope trump gets tough on russia. Russia killed and displaced millions by invading Georgia and ukraine. How can they claim america is the war hungray nation. . When they have been in as much wars as we have? Are they going to claim "the west forced us to do it!"
With that line of logic america could've invaded Venezuela by now. Russia is hypocritical and so are people like you. Which side are you on? And dont give me none of this"oh im on the side of peace!" You are the type of person to protest going to war with hitler. Get a job and stop reading RT.
t q
Omg! The russians are scared! Lets bend over and give them everything they want!!
Claudia Wilburne
Thank you Oz, I was going to ask you to do a video on this subject. I have a friend who lives in Yalta.
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Tension High (March 18): The Coming War with Russia over 1 day ago   14:11

U.S. Military Build-up on Russia Border - Days after Putin's 'Mock Invasion' Drills Revealed

THE US has ramped up its military response to Russian aggression, with plans for a permanent military base in Poland - and a rapid build of tanks along Vladimir Putin’s border.

The US is hitting back at Russian aggression with a terrifying military build-up, according to lead allies of the Trump administration. The US struck a colossal £320million deal with Poland to set up a ballistic missile system in the country - with rockets capable of striking targets within Russia. At the same time, incredible images this week showed US battle tanks arriving in Poland on the border with Russia ahead of one of the world’s biggest ever military drills.

Poland’s foreign minister also admitted that his country is working on creating a “permanent American military base” in the country to compete with Russia.

This has sparked fear around the possibility of a military clash between the two global superpowers.

Following the purchase of the M142 HIMARS weapons system, foreign minister Jacek Czaputowicz said Poland and the US were “continuing discussions” regarding further US deployments on Polish soil.

The large-scale Polish drills with the US is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve – a military bid to stop the spread of Russian influence.

Congressman Mike Turner told CNBC at the Munich Security Conference: “Trump has made efforts to arm the soldiers in Ukraine, against Russian aggression.

“He has moved to increase sanctions. He has moved to increase - almost double - the amount of European reassurance dollars.

“And he has moved US troops into Europe as well as equipment in countries like Poland.”

“We are rising toward countering Russian aggression.”

The concern around an outbreak of war between Russia and the US comes after reports this week that Russia had carried out a “mock invasion” exercise over Norway.

Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde of the Norwegian Intelligence Service revealed this week that Russia staged “two practice attack runs” last year.

In the simulated attack, eleven Su-24 ‘Fencer’ strike aircraft formed an attack profile and aimed directly at a Norwegian outpost.

Lieutenant Lunde added that Russia had also jammed GPS signals of Norway’s radar stations.

He said: “Jamming is also a threat to, among others, civilian air traffic and police and health operations in peacetime.”

“Obviously, the Russians know that their fighter jets are being tracked by radar when they operate in this region and when they approach Norwegian installations, bases or naval exercise areas in attack formation.

“Such behaviour does not exactly contribute to an atmosphere of trust and predictability at the regional level.”

Norwegian defence analyst Kristian Atland says the attack run was a “deliberate and carefully planned Russian signalling operation”.


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