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somebody kill this trash
This guy is a loser and look the arm is worse than killary
nick aleman
He should take that fence behind him down.
Frederic Karlo
He and his father pillaged their community after the housing collapse by expediting foreclosures and buying properties from under those displaced by the same deep State banksters bank rolling his political career. He is the enemy of Americans
yoza L
Dudes playing with our emotions for a vote.. the sucka has a fence around his house .. some body tell ol boy if he wants us to consider him. Get to the real substance .. talk about our real problems. Come to the ghettos and let us Q.n.A. him.. dudes showing his scales with his snake tongue 🤙🇲🇽🇺🇸
#FreeTommy #FreeTommy
So, he supports human traffickers. Evil.
Trenton Quarantino
Don't BETOn it.
Trenton Quarantino
Those who stand against walls deserve to live in glass houses with no doors.
Of course he and those who agree are hypocrites.
girl Number 3
Who votes for these lunatics?
He sounds drunk
Dennis Quiles
Wow he back
Another deep state funded globalist that wants open borders so drugs and criminals can keep flowing into America. An Irish man who panders to the mexicans by saying his name is Beto ... what a toolbag ... a sellout ... a traitor to American citizens.
Gerald Miller
Idiot. He is hiding behind a fence to claim that fences don't work. The democrats have sided with illegal aliens and against American citizens and legal migrants.
Iqbal Mohamed
HE IS A WHITE MAN ............
Stephen Wilson
cheryl taylor
We Bend over for the US....What a Doof
Dim Dim
Who is this dummy ?
Ryan Herich
This guy illegally took campaign money from US individuals and donated that to people trying to illegally cross our border. The guy is for illegals more so then he is for trying to help Americans he is this part of Democrat machine
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FRANCE 24 Live – International Breaking "We stand for America and we stand against 1 day ago   00:00

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