Moroccan Special Operations Forces ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV MAY NOT BE OPERATIONAL-FULL ANALYSIS 1 day ago   02:49

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Video shows Moroccan special operations forces training together With U.S. Marines in Morocco.

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Imran Maziani
People these are not the special forces or army these are new troops morocco
Taysir Chaachoua
As a moroccan, i'm so annoyed by the fact that they just bought Abrams tanks, more F16's, 2 satellites but the special forces look like this. Hope they invest in the future
Amine Mansouri
these moroccan troops aren't special, they're just regular ones. I know they may look like noobs, but all armies from around the world have passed through this. You're NOT born knowing all special operations tactics, YOU GOTTA FAIL AND LEARN, then you will SUCCEED.
Kyle Sombke
Why are we wasting our tax dollars training a bunch of Moroccan Gomer Pyles!!!!
2:44 god damn it marine, get you fucking hands out of your pockets
Marathon Man
So Morocco doesn't have special forces...they seem like conscripts...
FRANK CUCKASTEIN link to New Zealand Mosque shooting gopro please share.
Asbar Imad
Moroccan officials always want to keep everything secret...for sure they know they look clumsy under equiped and mostly weak but these are not the real's a trick and the one trainning them knows as well.
Looks like Morocco would be easy to invade.
They all look scared.
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Paintballers could literally fuck these guys up.
view S
oh man!!!!! i think they are the first generation........
BlmandAntifa areTurkeyshit
Why train potential enemy combatants ever, unless...?
Jean Marie Martin
Those guys were just terrible. They looked like a bunch of 15 year olds playing Airsoft.
Yass A
As a Moroccan guy, I don't understand why our army decided to buy the latest version of F16 for the Air Force, but are unable to well-equiped the Army. So much corruption unforunately.
Morocco is the Us and israel's professional ass licker
Peter blackburn
If that are their "special forces" imagine the regular army....
Oi You!
'Moroccan' 'special operations'. Oxymoron there .
Abdulrahman Aljamali
USA helped so many people to make best of what they have, goddamn i love the USA 🇺🇸.
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ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV MAY NOT BE OPERATIONAL-FULL ANALYSIS Moroccan Special Operations Forces 1 day ago   07:08

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On 30 October 2018, Admiral Kuznetsov - Russia’s sole aircraft carrier, suffered a major mishap while undergoing overhaul work at a dockyard in Roslyakovo, near Murmansk.

The aircraft carrier which displaces around 55,000 tonnes nearly sank.

The warship has potent firepower as it is capable of carrying 18 SU-33 and 6 MIG-29 as well as supersonic P-700 Granit missile and hypersonic Kinzhal missile but was off duty and undergoing maintenance when the disaster struck.

The vessel has been facing major issue since 2016 when black smoke was seen coming out from it, during its engagement in the Syrian conflict. The overhaul was initially slated to finish in 2020.

In this video, Defense Updates analyzes why Russia’s only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov may not be operational again?

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