Race Truck's FIRST START Snow plowing and truck maintenance 1 day ago   15:46

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Yes, I know that it needed to be running when checking the ATF levels. We forgot about it (being accustomed to manual transmissions) and ended up re-checking it after the video while running.
Marcos Sandoval
I love the intro
Oh Yeah
Ew a chevy
justin rose
How did you plug the hole in the radiator when you bypassed the cooler lines
the trucks outa gas
Señor Jalapeño
Umm.. looks crappy really.. it'll be more convenient if you were to use braided aluminum lines. Js
Evan Morin
I know I'm kinda late but one love your videos, and I love seeing you guys work on cars especially the mustang. 2. I don't know if I'm the only one but I was dying at 4:32. Could be me but that's besides the point, still a great video.
micah reynolds
You saying Bruh makes your videos almost unwatchable
Edgar Gonzalez
Bye bye driveshaft. New yoke and with the power he plans on making, the factory drive shaft is going to brake
Freddy lsx vas itsjusta6 truck race ??
The Flash !!!!
Did you get your Milwaukee back from the shop? Itsjusta6
Jaz 5.3
You should come to HPT or OTM in Pasadena, Tx.
Evan's Garage
Lot of master mechanics in these comments
Juan Flores
Bradley Conder
Reduced power mode is your throttle body wiring, had the same issues with my 2006 2500hd
nick monico
Idle too low it's not charging the battery enough
keith holmes
Do you know what they had to do to put a 6.0 in your truck??? I have the same year truck and have been wanting to do the same thing
Jeff Nicoli
My truck did that a month ago with the not charging on and off it was the alternator
LostAuto125 onSTEAM
Limp mode could be due to the fact u have no O2 sensors working or could be from I pass in the radiator with the new trans cooler lines the radiator helps keep the transmission cool I’ve been in the rebuild stage of a 2000 and up Silverado a few time 4 different 4L60E’s and 4 different 5.3L it’s basically all the same just a few different things but they r all temperamental the 6.0L normally is backed by the 4L80E so the limp mode should have to do with the bypass or the no O2 sensors
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Snow plowing and truck maintenance Race Truck's FIRST START 1 day ago   22:07

Snow plowing and some plow truck maintenance on a 1999 Dodge ram 2500 pickup with a Western Plow.

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