The Race Truck's FIRST START New wheels on the Wrecked Widebody WRX! 1 day ago   15:46

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Yes, I know that it needed to be running when checking the ATF levels. We forgot about it (being accustomed to manual transmissions) and ended up re-checking it after the video while running.
mike hunt
How not to use a Dremel.
M Beatz
Are your z28 rims 6 bolts ?
Ljkn808_H1 just one Faka from Kauai
I have a question. What’s the setup on your truck. Cause I want to start doing drag racing soon and I’d like to know what kind of parts I would need to get some speed.
Josian Domenech
Intro song name please! 😩
Aldo Martinez
Best intro on YouTube no doubt
S rage
Louisiana baby! 😼 l.p 318
Matthijs Mars
what is de name of the intro music??
Neil P71
Last time I checked the engine has to be running to measure tranny fluid?
Mohammed Riyadh
Dustin Maguire
Some wannabe mechanic you are
Jim G.
Too much beer.
Back pressure??? Do your homework.
Noah 2 Plauger
Supercharge the white truck 😂
I don't mind your videos, but your editing jumps around like a fucking 3 year old having a tantrum, or a attention span of a 3 year old lol jesus. Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut, and.....cut.
Eldon Gaspard
My buddy in Denham spring has a 408 procharged rscb yall should meet up he goes to lake Charles in it some times an wants to go to Mexico
Juan Gomez
"Am I stupid " 😂😂 I needed a good laugh after all the bs going on with my life lately
Very should know how to check transmission fluid, always running while the vehicle is in neutral nobody bothered to torque the bolts for the driveshaft either I wouldn’t be surprised if those bolts back out n cause a horrible accident what is the car community coming too?
Marcos Sandoval
I love the intro
Oh Yeah
Ew a chevy
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New wheels on the Wrecked Widebody WRX! The Race Truck's FIRST START 1 day ago   12:06

We may still be rally status, but these new wheels are RALLY COOL B)


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