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To debut the collaboration, the limited-edition shoe features MIBR, IGC Esports’ elite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brand.

The ONE-TAP is styled in MIBR team colors of black and silver, with the wordmark on the front of the shoe, and the Brazilian crest on the foldable heel. Limited pairs of the MIBR ONE-TAP are available beginning Wednesday, July 17 at 9:00am PDT on kswiss.com/mibr.

K-Swiss designers shadowed IGC Esports players to develop a shoe suited specifically for the performance needs of players. The collaboration between IGC Esports and designers highlighted three critical features, which were incorporated into the ONE-TAP’s design:

• Comfort: Extremely lightweight, the ONE-TAP features a soft and flexible engineered mesh upper with an elasticated closure for a snug fit.

• Versatility: The shoe’s slip-on construction allows it to be worn as either a sneaker or a slide. The foldable heel, when folded down, allows the shoe a slipper-like feel for the long hours during a match or practice, and can be worn up for sneaker-like fit and stability.

• Temperature Control: Placed in an aggressive cut-out of the lightweight cushioned EVA sole, the ‘Flow Cool’ TPU venting unit, allows for maximum breathability and comfort by providing bi-directional airflow. For cooler climates, a second wool-lined in-sole can be inserted to cover the vents, generating warmth.

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Analog Virtuix omni?
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Mas a pergunta que não quer calar é: tem LED RGB? Fator determinante para a compra
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15 Fun & Easy Party Games For Kids K-Swiss x MIBR: ONE-TAP – THE WORLD'S 2 days ago   22:10

15 fun & easy party games for kids and adults! Great for family parties, birthdays, or any type of gathering with people of all ages! These simple, DIY games will surely delight your guests. Divide everyone into teams for some competitive fun!

List of Games
1. Movin' On Up - 00:30
2. Stick the Landing - 01:57
3. Magic Carpet Ride - 02:23
4. Bobblehead - 03:34
5. Baby Rattle - 05:16
6. Pucker Up - 06:19
7. Whack Attack - 07:36
8. Nervous Nelly - 08:28
9. Breakfast Scramble - 10:09
10. Nerf This! - 11:46
11. Paper Dragon - 13:10
12. Cup Collection - 14:40
13. Separation Anxiety - 15:21
14. Hanky Panky - 16:38
15. Mega Bubble - 18:11
Need more fun game ideas to bring to your friends/family at your next party? Check out these other Minute to Win It style games below that both kids and adults can play!

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