My School Dress Codes Happy Birthday Ari! 2 days ago   06:20

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A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.

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Dani Wolfwood
The matrix has you!!!

I died!!!
max animation
Tyler Senner
Congrats on 2 million
tommy whelan
How 'bout Rekila.She lives in a tree,she is like Kuchisake Onna,she will cut something, she cut yo goes off and steal yo cookies .3. And kill ya N' stuff :/
Izuku Midoriya
*Free the Knee*

- Rebecca
Our school just doesn't care, I wore this one shirt that has my shoulders showing, no warning, girls here wear crop tops, no warning

I think we're considered lucky I guess
Hannah Althria
Karma Akabane
WELL...GOOD!FOR ME!cuz i dont have dress code XD
Mantha Marie
If she wears skirts that are above the knee, we all will wear skirts above the knee, IT WILL ANARCHY!
Danilos 2305
let me think..... studio....

Odd: Check
Jaiden: Check
Something else: Check
let me explain: not yet
time 2 do your own 100% original THEME SONG
Icy Catty
too bad because we don't have any dress codes in hong kong!
but I remember I used to wear dresses all the time when we can wear normal outfits like at chirtmas celebration and birthday parties at kinder garten until when I am at grade 5th, starting to learn how to wear boy's outfit that year and became a total emo for no reason at all
GM Johnson
Like, maybe a week after you posted this, I saw someone shedding a shirt that looked exactly like the band on you drew
HI How are you?
I really don't care what others think.
Cecil Arthurton
You could go naked will doing this video
Lord of weapons
I have a custom shirt that was similar
Hell my whole wardrobe is graphic tees and I'm an adult
The Mustache boys
When i play a roblox game and press the chat : /Clear /Clear /Clear /Clear /Clear /Clear /Clear /Clear /Clear /Clear
My school dress code:

Guys and girl:

No Colourful outfit
Only wears uniform for entire year
anca butunoi
Cause I'm bad I'm bad you know I'm bad .
Brand A
"YOU THINK I'M STUPID?! (Exaggerated Comedic Rant)" In this video you sead that water is wet but its not its like is fire burned! And no, its not fire cant burn it self!
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Happy Birthday Ari! My School Dress Codes 2 days ago   12:00

i'm the best mom ever

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Ari gives you a "thanks for comin to my bday celebration" and a thumbs up minus thumbs because he doesnt have any

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