90 in 90: United States vs. Thailand | 2019 United States vs Mexico penalty 2 days ago   05:29

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Watch 90 minutes of United States vs. Thailand in 90 seconds.

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90 in 90: United States vs. Thailand | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

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FOX Soccer
How would you describe the USWNT’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ debut vs. Thailand?
Such a bad goalie...
Liam Roth
Everyone going off on the goalie when the defense was no where to be seen😕
Travis Warren
I feel bad for the goalie that sucked. But I'm happy we won 🇺🇸
Lakeland Lyfield
Maybe if Thailand could actually play the sport then we wouldn't have this celebratory controversy.
barbara gobert
And that's really the issue here,isn't it?USA women's team are complaining they don't get the same treatment as the men's team...well what about a country like Thailand!? I mean honestly it should be run as a non-profit ( the world cup) and proceeds,revenues,and training budgets all split equally from it.Same type of situation as the salary cap in professional sports.Are we really to believe that all the best women's athletes in the world are from America and Western Europe? No of course not they are simply the countries who can throw the most money at their programs.It'll never happen because the people profiting off of this think them making money is the entire reason for the world cup...not so.This is done in a spirit of sportmanship ,diplomacy,cooperation,and competition.Not profit.All of these things were missing in what I just saw.Thailand are friends and very important strategic allies in Asia you fools,but congrats on winning your soccer game...geniuses.Just remember pride goes before the fall.I hope Ze' Germans annihilate you...one to nil. Just to prove to you it can be done and teach you how to compete with class.SMH.
Life Of Pablo
Nelson Guzman
They should not have pulled back, its a professional match. The celebrations left a bitter taste in my mouth, I mean counting your goals? 10-0 you slide and make a ridiculous celebration? I guess it runs in America's blood to show-off at any chance they get....
Kaycee Coty
I mean the jokes about the goalie are funny and all, but as a keeper, I’ve had those games, and internally, I felt like trash, even though the whole team contributed to the loss. I’m sure she has her talents, she just wasn’t on her A game. Plus, I mean, it was the USWNT shooting on her, so, ummm, there’s that.
Red Bull
I only know Thai girl can only Ping Pong!
Geo Secondi
Let give 3 minutes of extra time when USA winning 11 to 0 just END THE GAME ON THE 89th minute
Geo Secondi
Thai goalkeeper lagging at 1000 ping tho
When you turn the sliders all the way down
Ethan Henry
It was a group stage game... it's all about goals and victory to get more points to advance to the knockout games... if they went 2-1 and other teams went 2-1 USA would get in on goal differential... it's all about points...
The USA women's team has scored more goals in 1 match than the USA men's team has in world cups from 2006-2018 combined
GringoGaming Bazu
charles salado
Go hard or go home! The USWT WENT FULL THROTTLE
Red Card
Oh my, what a bloodbath.
Kim Tae-hyung
playing on beginner mode be like ;
Jarvis Family
The World Cup is not a high school game. You can't put the your second string in - *there is no second string* . You can't throw your JV players in because there aren't any. As a coach, you *never* tell your players to "pull back and kick it around". In my opinion *THAT* would be far more disrespectful to the losing side than scoring goals.
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United States vs Mexico penalty 90 in 90: United States vs. Thailand | 2019 2 days ago   06:03

United States vs Mexico penalty shootout | U.S. Soccer Selección Nacional de México #CU20W

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