How to Transfer All Data from Old to New Android How To Turn Any Android Phone Into 7 months ago   05:00

Learn how to transfer all data and apps from your old Android device to a new one. We'll show you 5 different ways to move your data to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

5 Ways to Transfer All Data from Android to Android
1. Using device-specific software
2. Backup and restore with Google account
3. NFC Connection
4. Copy and transfer files using a computer
5. Use a third-party app or service

Device-specific Data Transfer Software:
Samsung Smart Switch:
Motorola Migrate:
LG Mobile Switch:
Huawei Backup:

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robloxian player
THANKS ALOT I'm getting a new tablet soon For my b day!!
This was so clear and precise. Thank you so much!
Brian Remmerde
Motorola Migrate no longer exists, after pulling what little hair I have left out, I finally found a comment on their website. Copy My Data seems to be the best alternative.
Haydee Judice
Such a well explained and simple video... Thanks! I just still don't know how to work things out. I'm good until the back up is done... then, what do I have to do? Go to the Play Store and download the apps? Sorry, I'm not very savvy when it comes to phones and Cloud Storage :o(((
Riya Rathod
My storage is so full and i want all to new phone tell me easier faster way to transfer lenovo k4note to vivo phone ?
Riya Rathod
Is 2nd method using google account also automatic restore my what app account data also ?
Very helpful! Good explanations :)
Andrew Hammett
I think this is a very good example of how a 'how to' video should be done. I am about to try a transfer -lets see how it goes. But the clear explanations -including relevant screen shots- are very helpful. And it is slow enough, without being too slow. Thank you techboomers.
Catherine D'costa
A clear explanation..Thank you
Mohammad Feroz Sadiq
it was great thanks
is this method works for the files or games that they are in Ram
Mike Lawry
Simple and plan. Great information 👍👍
Jill Snoddon
Which is the best method for easy transfer for all the data if I am transferring from a Samsung to a Moto e5?
Karen Chang
I am a Chatr customer and I has asked the staff to transfer to transfer all data from my old MOTO G phone to a new MOTO G smart phone, but the staff told me that it is impossible as specially the old MSM log, because they were all kept by Motorola..which is quite different from the video.. So what is the truth?? May be I just mis-understand the whole concept of ALL data can be transferred from the old android to the new android.
@Techboomers As the timestamps were all 0:00 on the opening page I thought I'd add them here.
1. Using device-specific software 0:37
2. Backup and restore with Google account 1:06
3. NFC Connection 1:53
4. Copy and transfer files using a computer 2:37
5. Use a third-party app or service 4:01

Nice, clear and succint video. Many thanks.
Timothy Lewis
This video is soothing as well as useful.

It's soose-ful!
✔️The clearest, most useful video on the subject yet.
pramod bhalerao
Thank You Jessica.
I like 2 methods appbackup and restore and Storage in computer copy paste.
Third party like cloneit are risky as ur personal data may get robbed.
U explained all in just 5 minutes. Thanks a lot
Ray Aldridge
This video was very helpful.  Easy to understand and in plain English. Who could ask for anything more. Thank you.
Chris Law
Thank you. Great work!
Marilyn Alvarez
This was very very helpful, thank you so very much!
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How To Turn Any Android Phone Into How to Transfer All Data from Old to New Android 7 months ago   04:25

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