New Mike Scott Brawl Video Redskins vs. Eagles Week 1 Highlights 2 days ago   00:45

New footage of that insane brawl involving Philadelphia 76ers player Mike Scott and a bunch of Eagles fans shows the 6'8" baller throwing wild HAYMAKERS ... and the video is crystal clear.


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Comments 1906 Comments

Rolls royce
coward eagle's fans..attacking one man..and still got that ass.whipped..smdh😂😂😂😂😂😂
These fights show 1 or 2 things
That my appreciation for professional boxers rose a little
And that drunk ppl are a fkn disgrace
Donald Bernadel
Anyone notice that frail built motherfucka wearing cody # 91 jersey sneak a bunch on a dude who got his back turnt. Then once a land a weak punch, then ran off .
jose aristoteles
Green shirt ain't no punk .
Rick Robitaille
Team green not so mean
Mark McLaughlin
Smh. Eagles fans start a fight bcus he’s wearing a redskins Jersey.... not knowing it’s mike Scott !?!?! He didn’t connect with any hits but I wish he did
Haiasi Eel
National Felon League. Fans are idiots. Scott should have known better.
Bobby Blatts
Daniel Bahena
Who the fuck is mike scott
Rude Tha Rich
Looks like a modern day lynching if I ever seen one..
Jonathon Fuller
Bet big boy won't do that shit again 😅
boss blacka
Stop with the bullshit, there was CLEARLY no Haymarker, not one punch landed, only a forearm while he was being pushed back
IJF judo judo foundation
Of course he did😂
Danielle Parra
Typical white behavior
Shane Stewart
Hes not even connecting. Hes pushing the guy down after he misses the punch.
Daud El Bey
We are these immigrants pilgrims United States citizens starting trouble with the indigenous American Indians Israelites National they should get deported
Boney Jones
I don’t think anyone landed a punch
Eagles fans are trash anyways, look what they did to the Vikings people.
Boy mike thought he was artest out there I see u bol
Danny Thorne
Stupid fucking drunk idiot motherfuckers fighting over a fucking football game.
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Redskins vs. Eagles Week 1 Highlights New Mike Scott Brawl Video 2 days ago   10:13

The Washington Redskins take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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