The things we know we dont know: A musical genius | Usman Riaz 1 day ago   15:15

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Amin is the creator of the concept of Lygometry - a methodology he is using to build the World's first hedge fund for the poor and the first reverse encyclopedia, Reversopedia, which is a collection of things we know we don't know. His talk at TEDxSF is about the role of Lygometry at the present juncture in human history.

Amin is the Vice President of Strategic Relations at the NASA-based Singularity University where he also teaches Lygometry as a tool for adaptive leadership.

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Nathaniel Sam George
He definitely looks Persian
I thought he would talk about the process of,writing the song Gratitude..thats what the video I came from said..feels like a rip off..not that it wasn't a nice talk..but not what I hoped for..
Rhythm Kumawat
Video starts from 13:00 thank me later
Jp marvin
this guy must have amazing hearing
Bruno Milanese
Este mogolico se hace el copado con la guitarra
Pratik Shenoy
Anyone here from a udemy course?
shivam bhatia
Pranav Kumar
Why so less views ?
Awais Noor
That was a great ted talk. Getting to know the things you dont know, thats a really good way to tap into creativity.
Arslan Shafiq
adukuttan rocks
This man is what you would call a legend in the making.Not many know that now.They will soon.
Public Static Void
A Chinese Proverb: "He who asks a question feels foolish for 5 minutes; he who never asks remains foolish for a lifetime".
Ben Hayes
w[2] = 63
rahul vishwakarma
Where is he from?
hashim bokhamseen
this man looks just like my uncle and has the same interests
Vishal Ramina
Big difference in before (Harvard video audience) and nowadays audience, cheering up the talent is less😅😅
Waiting for new tune from you
Chawan Kawa
He was gorgeous without moustache
Bryan Chambers
A modern day Socrates.
Bryan Chambers
Teaching physics I tell my students that there is plenty we don't know. Dark matter, dark energy, quantum gravity, etc.
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A musical genius | Usman Riaz The things we know we dont know: 1 day ago   11:17

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TED Fellow and OneBeat Fellow, Artist, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist.

21 Year Old Usman Riaz grew up playing classical piano since the age of 6. Picking up guitar at 16 Usman taught himself how to play percussive guitar. Along with these 2 primary instruments he experiments with a number of other ones such as Harmonica, Mandolin, Harmonium and percussion. His recent at TED performances and talks at TED Global 2012 and his selection for the US State department funded cultural/music exchange program OneBeat have proven to him that the internet can be used as a reliable platform to learn new things and open up pathways that seemed impossible before.

Usmans Orchestral works can be heard on:


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