The things we know we dont know: The Indian Slap Bass technique 1 day ago   15:15

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Amin is the creator of the concept of Lygometry - a methodology he is using to build the World's first hedge fund for the poor and the first reverse encyclopedia, Reversopedia, which is a collection of things we know we don't know. His talk at TEDxSF is about the role of Lygometry at the present juncture in human history.

Amin is the Vice President of Strategic Relations at the NASA-based Singularity University where he also teaches Lygometry as a tool for adaptive leadership.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Sherlock Holmes
Ain't this the guy who made a drum outta his guitar???

12:20 Nevermind.
Elizabeth Christian
😐 I m your love of life hahaha 🤣😂 sorry kidding.. love from london
Jamie Coenen
"The easiest way to think outside the box, is to not know where the box is." - Amin Toufani
Juan Carlos
Started with the talent show, & admiring his knowledge around a guitar. Now lygometry has me questioning life.
Yogesh Gupta
I don't know why but he is sounding like sadguru....
Subhojit chatterjee
I came to know whether the fire was real or not
He is 1 of 85 million Iranians. We are so proud of you...
Keshav Tanwar
And here i thought he was just a guitar player
Rishikesh Bharat
*Absolutely🙏🏻 Toufani✨*
Sid Kale
ye kis line me aa gaye aap
R K Mishra
Mind blowing performance
Nathaniel Sam George
He definitely looks Persian
I thought he would talk about the process of,writing the song Gratitude..thats what the video I came from said..feels like a rip off..not that it wasn't a nice talk..but not what I hoped for..
Rhythm Kumawat
Video starts from 13:00 thank me later
Jp marvin
this guy must have amazing hearing
Bruno Milanese
Este mogolico se hace el copado con la guitarra
Pratik Shenoy
Anyone here from a udemy course?
shivam bhatia
Pranav Kumar
Why so less views ?
Awais Noor
That was a great ted talk. Getting to know the things you dont know, thats a really good way to tap into creativity.
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The Indian Slap Bass technique The things we know we dont know: 1 day ago   21:10

This video is a part of the talks given at TEDxIITKharagpur 2015, produced independently of the TED conferences. Music travels places, and it does that even from the lowest audible range of sounds, which is the bass. The beauty of bass is that it makes music come alive. In this talk, Mr. Jayen talks about the evolution of the slap bass technique on guitar. He adds his uniqueness to the technique by implementing ‘Indian jugalbandi’ on the slap bass guitar through timing of simple syllables. Encouraging improvisation and novelty, Mr. Jayen believes that ‘It doesn’t matter how you do something, it matters how it sounds’.

A bass guitar player and a playback singer, Jayen Varma currently holds the world record for being the fastest bass guitar player, clocking a peak of 660 BPM. Jayen Varma is also the inventor of the 'Indian Slap Bass' which combines the Tabla and Mridangam style finger techniques on the bass guitar. His feats have earned him praise from the likes of legendary bass guitarists including Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and Bootsy Collins.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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