Iran's revolution: Forty years US Iran Sanctions: 'The US doesn't 1 day ago   18:29

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Join Mark Owen along with his panel of guests: Sanam Shantiyaei, Hamdam Mostafavi, Fred Flintz, Rouzbeh Parsir and Mohammed Morandi for a debate on the 40th anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution, what's next for the Middle Eastern country?

Due to a technical error in the studio, The Debate was unable to finish.

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Jack Johnson
Free Iran! 🇮🇷
geezass price
The USA and the Jews are poisoning the world
Peter Lemmon
*France attacks its own Yellow Vests with brutality. Now, France, with Washington, will drop small nuclear weapons on Iran for nothing*
Kobi Kane
Any regime, Democratic, Autocratic or Theocratic etc will always strive first and foremost to preserve itself. If a so called Democratic USA is looking out for its own interests as always, verbalised more by its present POTUS, it cannot be blamed for doing so, it is what it is. If a Theocracy like Iran is looking out to preserve itself to continue governing Iran, it cannot be blamed for doing so, it is what it is. The interests of the ruling class of the Super Power are at odds with the interests of the ruling class of Iran, the former is stronger, much stronger and as a result the people of the weaker country suffer exponentially. This is no more an interesting news than debating why the ocean is wet or why the sun comes out every morning. Yes Iran's regime could and maybe should have done a host of things differently economically, but had it done so it would not be in power today and that is its primary goal and all else is secondary. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a nuclear power and that is when the world will finally wake up to a reality of paying the bill due to Iran or face a regime with the ideology of martyrdom as a cornerstone of its make up which for the first time since the atom bomb was invented will unbalance the equilibrium of M.A.D. Tick Tock.
Ali Mahdavi
Where's the next part?
Western hypocrisy at its best. Yellow vest demonstrations crack down is acceptable and police action against few rioters in Iran is repression. How long western media will fool the ordinary people of the world.
Sajad Ali
U dont have knowledge of past..... U have cheated Shah a slave their.... Ur king..... And them u send sadam to invade Iran..... Helped him world knows that all.....
Joshua Hauge
Iran: usa doesnt respect human rights. But apostacy should be punished with death.
jalal rumi
Some statistics from U.N. about Iran ( before and after the revolution )
1 - Literacy rate in Iran .
in 1979 was %43
in 2019 is % 97
2 - In 1979 for every 2 literate men there was only one literate woman
In 2019 this ratio is the same .
3 - In 1979 for every 4 literates in urban there was one literate in rural area
In 2019 for every four literates in urban area there are two literates in rural area .
3 - life expectancy in Iran
In 1979 was 55 years
In 2019 is 75 years
محمد Nasrollahi
این همدم خانم عقب موندست؟
mohsen bugemskii
Loll France 24 really knew how to stop the yellow vest argument
Brian Deschanel
This a perfect example of fake journalism.
USA and its NATO vassals/servants France, UK never to admit the destruction and death they've taken to the middle east in pursuit of colonialist interests.
Fred Schwentafsky
Untrustworhy media outlet. A collection of garbage people.
Santiago Katzenstein
What I think is that these guys
Outsmarted the u.s for 40years
Now they have succeeded where the u.s has failed
They have more power in Iraq than the u.s
They have more power in Afghanistan than the u.s
Meaning that althou Iran doesn't have troops in these countries
They control the political apparatus of these countries via soft power
The iranians are the main actors in the fight against ISIS
Not to mention Syria and Lebanon
In the economic front
Just take a look at what iranians do for themselves
Cars (the biggest producer in the region)
They build ships
They relay on their own resources to build infranstructure
Every major city in iran has a subway system
Lets aknowledge that the country
Is pretty much a developed country
On the tech front
Iran has its own browser
Their own social networks
Their own uber-like apps
They excell in robotics
I mean, it's not like venezuela or Argentina
All I hear here are the same talking points
That the population is young
That they young whants change
Isn't that a common feature in every country?
But the type of change the u.s wants is a bloody one
When morandi makes the comparison with the yellow vests they poor guy gets shut down

In short:
The iranians are celebrating not only an islamic revolution but
The return of their independence from outside forces
Taju Olaniyi
Persian Empire, great country.
Kamyar Shahmoradi
Wow you brought a mek terrorist as a guest speaker?
Somi Witl
Patrick Danaee
All USrael official have the same nariative with regard to Iran which dictated by foreighn policy. All talk crap when talking about human right and well being of people. What evere USrael says are lies. The F*king guy didnt even want to hear Mr Marandi's view on yellow Jacket movement. Ha ha ha ha
Sikndr Ali
Well-done iran
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US Iran Sanctions: 'The US doesn't Iran's revolution: Forty years 1 day ago   02:52

Mohammad Marandi, political analyst at the University of Tehran explaining what he thinks of the US sanctions on Iran

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