JRE MMA Show #57 with TJ Dillashaw Joe Rogan Experience #1227 - Mike 1 day ago   1:53:13

Joe is joined by two-time and current UFC Bantamweight Champion, TJ Dillashaw to discuss his most recent fight and more.

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Tj looks like my cat
Dirk King
Drug addict this convo needs to be thrown in the trash
Nonny Eze
52:03 He’s definitely right on that one 😂
Usada popped him harder than Henry did lol
Matt Moore
Dang this dude is a glycogen battery / epo battery the straight face is bugging me with these lies of how he was feeling
He keeps saying it’s easy........sure with epo!
Hearing TJ talk about how this was the best he ever felt before a fight, he couldn't get tired etc. is so much different knowing he was on epo
Pete Miller
Can not listen to this as Conor says Snake in the Grass
Jboi967 92
Dude lost while cheating ,thats why he salty af..lmao
Maryann Vitale
This is pure fuckin gold after he pissed hot lol
Bookmark 17:20
So after a million William Painter ads, I now will never buy a pair.
Glen Chidley
It’s all rather a moot point in retrospect! Shame on you TJ for cheating and having the Gaul to defend any part of this !
Professional Amateur
Hi people, did they talk about the fact he used roids and still got stopped in the first eound in a lower weightclass?🤣
Chelsea DaBest
imagine cheating with EPO and then getting dusted in 20 seconds lol
CoNnErW 125
He was a actually highlighting all the signs of EPO use himself, VERY SMART
Funny feasty fuds
TJ still a boss though haha!
Under the Surface
99% of the comments on the fight video agreed that TJ was done and that it was a good stoppage.
Joe stop smoking, you're so full of shit.
Hyarchis boi
"I couldn't get tired warming up before the fight" I wonder why...
DB Cooper's MoneyBags
TJ "Never felt better before a fight" EPOashaw.
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Joe Rogan Experience #1227 - Mike JRE MMA Show #57 with TJ Dillashaw 1 day ago   1:27:17

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