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The Laughing Babies - GooGoo and GaGa + Color Crew Learning Classical Music & Animals for Toddlers.

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Learn Animals Sound & Names Funny GooGoo & GaaGaa Baby 1 day ago   18:56

Opening Surprise Eggs with Larry Cartoon | Learning Animals for Children and Babies | First University.

Hope you enjoyed this First University - Early Learning for Toddlers episodes for babies, kids, and children from the First university channel.
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About First University - Early Learning for Toddlers.
First University - Early Learning for Toddlers channel is about teaching your baby about animals sounds and names, all of the colors, music, alphabet & ABC's, vocabulary & first words and much more. we believe that educational content is important for child development and emotions from an early age. here at first university for toddlers, we have our loveable characters like Robi who teach about animals, learn about musical instruments with the Notkins, vocabulary with Sammy and eve, the alphabet with ABC galaxy and colors with Petey paintbrush.

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