90 in 90: USA vs. Mexico | 2019 International Friendly Highlights FC Krasnodar vs Krylia Sovetov 2 days ago   02:11

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Watch 90 minutes of USA vs. Mexico in 90 seconds.

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90 in 90: USA vs. Mexico | 2019 International Friendly Highlights

FOX Soccer

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FOX Soccer
Were you surprised by the outcome?
Y can’t I change my profile Picture
Next up we get destroyed by Uruguay
Woahh Mexico!!! 🤘🇲🇽🇲🇽 always getting that dub
Tres a cero.
Yeah, Why didn't they show the missed penalty by the US? Too embarrassing?
Mexico violated the US so maybe this video should be uploaded to Pornhub. MEXICO!!! MEXICO!! MEXICO!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽!!!!ARRIBA!!! Back to Back losses for Team Imperialist USA!
RockNRollin HoneyBadger
Jeez you mean Klinsmann wasn't the problem? It was actually the talent? Wow, perhaps they can hire that mediocre former soccer star Landon Donovan to be coach next..
Balmore Rene Esquivel
Unfortunately US is a jobber team now. Gotta do better.
Kaiser Jarme
Don’t let USA play. Just let Mexican and Asian people play. That’s much more exciting
Ivan Serrato
Amazing performance by Mexico. USA do have players with great talent but as of right now they don't know how to play with each other. At this moment Mexico is far more superior than the US is
abel A
Mexico is only good with concacaf teams 🤣🤣🤣🤣 South American team violate them all the time and Europeans too
I love Guitar
is the friendly game right?
baked biskys
this is why im scared to continue playing soccer here...
in fact, im not sure if i even want to anymore because of my recent club experience
Dan Ade
Gg US play good but today is not there day
Emily Jimenez
If you watch futbol in English, what's the point lol? Honestly watching games in Spanish is where it is at!! The emotions are so much stronger. It really puts more passion into the game
Kevin Dueñas
Don’t ever compare Lozano with Pulisić, Lozano did more and he only played half time
Christian Soto
Greg:. Mexico is a little bit better than us.

Loses 3-0 embarrassingly.

Greg:. I'm happy with the progress we've made.

What? Was he even watching the same game? Lol. Mexico is not a little bit better, they own the US.
Erick Romero
Mexico is gonna be the reason why USA is not gonna qualify again
Ralph Givenchi
U.S.A Not made 4 Futbol!
Un chingon "el pato" Howard!!
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Highlights FC Krasnodar vs Krylia Sovetov 90 in 90: USA vs. Mexico | 2019 International Friendly 2 days ago   04:25

Three penalty, six goals. FC Krasnodar won against Krylia Sovetov in a fantastic game

Goals: Suleymanov 16’, Olsson 48’, Wanderson 57’, Ari 67’ – Sobolev 12’, Anton (pen) 75’

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