Blackface scandals make headlines Is it anti-Semitic to criticise Israel and pro-Israeli 1 day ago   01:17

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Blackface scandals are making headlines yet again. So do some people just not get how offensive it is? #blackface #AfricanAmericans #US

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And us black people don't need that because we did not do anything to yall white people so just dont put black people and your mouths if yall can't say anything nice so yall the one keeping racism alive
Y'all going to far and yall just doing to much and the person that had made it is a stupid person 😐😒
alex unger
Every human being is a creation of God and hence must be respected. The only time a human loses respect is when he or she commits a wrong like crime or sin and even then he or she can regain their lost respect if they were to sincerely repent to God and not repeat the same mistake.
C. Lincoln
Stop feeding these companies. This is called SHOCK MARKETING. Its just a sleazy marketing tactic worthless brands/companies use in order to get mentioned in the news when they are otherwise not worth talking about. They say/do something shocking, they get lots of free publicity & attention, then they turn around and say "sowweeee we didn't know what we waz doing....pls forgive?" and then take a break, and then do it again. So long as news corporations and people give them the desperate attention they want, they'll keep doing it.
Sheeple are Lame
Then ban the colour blk
A PointOnACurve
Yeah... when you look at a picture of people with dirt on their face and think "black people" then YOU are the racist... Thinking everything black or dirty or dark means "black people". Disgusting. Racist.
Ash Blaxe
Many Black people themselves keep racism alive.Just move on.
Fried Chicken Now
Help, my leaders are white supremacists, rapists, blackface racist and KKK agents.

I need guns asap to protect myself.
The the photo shows the governor is holding his beer in his left hand. The two in blackface and klan outfit, both are holding their beers in their right hands. This came from a republican website. And why wasn't it used during the governor's campaign for election? With the three democrats embroiled in scandal and being told to step down, a republican is nxt in line to take the spot. any of this really credible?
Wonderful Mockingbird
where is my dickheads, when i need them?
Christian Soldier
This was started and instigated by the Jews.... Everyone knows Jews are the racist people on earth.
Rosco Haines
Bit of respect everywhere please , there is worthless scum in every race. Clean out the trash , the abusers of power.
Original Ideas
China is formidable rival. Turkey must converge all powers to the some
of more smarter, more credible persons. otherwise China will organize
more coups to topple over current high-performant leader and his team.
History often recurred itself. But Turkey will not fall again
Very ugly design
Just for racism purposes.
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Is it anti-Semitic to criticise Israel and pro-Israeli Blackface scandals make headlines 1 day ago   01:08

Ilhan Omar's tweet criticising pro-Israeli lobbies in the US set off claims of anti-Semitism from some US politicians. #Ilhan #Omar #AIPAC

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