Here's Why I LIED About Not Buying Toyota Corolla 2019 in-depth 1 day ago   19:57

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charlie ryan
Great review 👍🏻
Austin Benesh
Where was Balboni to blow on your engine when it caught fire?
first you with Jay, and now Doug Demuro?!
Even at 90 years a 20 mill no interest loan is till 18.5 a month.
Froggy Frog 9000
Hoovie doing very well in 2019!!!
14:30 Those events may actually be influenced or even determined by your presence, watch the video called 'Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Explained'.
Classic Car Log
That chair is a mid century icon! The Ekornes Stressless
Dion Phagoof
Watching this has made me want to go by Motorcars of Georgia again.
Germanico Sorgi
now you and doug got to do Tim Alens garage
Steve Chung
13:39 huh, that's a modified Ekornes Stressless recliner; I have one just like it in my living room. Guess I'm qualified to host the Pope for an afternoon.
Michael Timmermeyer
clearly you picked the correct car for a youtube video
Hugh golo
So let me see if I got this right. Valentino Balboni materialises to help fix the car (at the start, I thought that was just a joke btw), it catches fire and he leans over the engine and BLOWS IT OUT?

If you wrote that, no one would believe it possible.
Bert Hubbard
Your life truly does not suck at all.
MJM’s Workshop
Don’t feel bad, I’m sure Jay has broken the same resolution many times.
Albano Piacquadio
$30k! and Kimi got locked up! No justice
Pat rick
Bro, love you but you're becoming click bait with your headlines!
Kenny Coulter
Why isn't there a kit car company who recreates the Tucker?
A Cobra is SOOOOoooooooo reproduced, but it doesn't kill out the value of the originals.
A. Z.
Clearly one of your best videos yet!
Bella Winslow
Doug really wore a white under shirt under his button up
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Toyota Corolla 2019 in-depth Here's Why I LIED About Not Buying 1 day ago   16:29

This is the new Toyota Corolla! It’s fair to say previous generations of the Corolla (or Auris, as it used to be called) were known for being good value for money, but relatively dull. However, it seems Toyota is looking to put that reputation to bed with the all-new Corolla! But does the interior and drivability match up to the exciting new exterior style, especially when you consider it costs slightly more than a VW Golf or Ford Focus? Join Mat for his in-depth review to find out!

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