CRF 450 Princess Jeep Runs! And Spits The Ultimate Barbie Jeep Build 2 days ago   13:38

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Welcome to Part 5 of The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build series!

This is turning into a heavily modified Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler. In part 5 of this build series we start the Honda CRF 450 for the first time, build a custom roll cage and install a radiator. This is one insane engine swap for a custom go kart.

Part list/Build thread

0:00 Richard Twins
4:00 Edwin Olding - Recall

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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
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Chad Smith
Please enter valid email address WTFFFF
Mathew Michuta
Paint up the radiator sides in pink, and it being in the back will make it look like a trophy truck!! So rad, this is my favorite build.
You see me evrywhere :/
Crazy dude the barbie car is gonna be dope racing the barbie jeep
gord9210 gord9210
You need to blink don’t forget
Who agrees the barbie car is the best build
buck rodgers
Where did you guys get those rims?
Alexandre Albergaria
you guys should see the Jeep culture here in Chicago - pretty insane. google and maybe get some ideas for some mad looks!!! You guys are so so so good! proud to follow you!
anonMS dawg
either you have the leg of hulk or that bike lost compression
jacob lampkins
that's gonna be awesome
arturo munoz
That roll cage just obstructs with the arms
So fucking gay, but cool.😂
BIG easy
i wanna see this channel get recognized by hoonigan yall are both crazy and super funny and have awesome fun and creative projects!!!
Off-Road Teaching
You need a larger jet in the carb, she is running pretty lean. Hince the popping and cracking on deceleration and the dead spot when you pull the throttle wide open
christian silvera
saludos desde uruguay
JiveN rosie25
You guys are the shiznit....keep up the dope work..
Jax990 vin
You guys do know that the princess on the car is princess jasmine not Cinderella
Desert Fresh
Couldn't be more happy for you guys to be wrong about the chain; and I hope it works well under power, too.
Fearles Kido
handsome creative bois
The fire though :( Do you guys know any of the effected?
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The Ultimate Barbie Jeep Build CRF 450 Princess Jeep Runs! And Spits 2 days ago   11:45

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In this week's episode of Grind Hard Plumbing Co we start on the next Barbie car go kart build! This time we are using the Disney Princess Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler that we purchased with RetailMeNot

What power house did we find for the new go kart build? Well, this time we wanted to make more power so we bought the cheapest 450cc dirt bike we could find on Craigslist. We bought a 2003 Honda CRF 450 in rough shape.

Drift Trike video!

Also, new to this build will be a custom frame and full suspension.

We can't wait to show you guys how much better this is going to be than the Barbie Mustang! This is going to be one of those "when mechanics lose their minds, insane engine swaps" kind of things... mixed with some epic Barbie Jeep crash compilations

Thanks for watching!


0:00 Wayward West
0:30 Unreleased - Edwin Olding
3:30 StillBlu
8:45 StillBlu

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