CRF 450 Princess Jeep Runs! And Spits Barbie Jeep Gets a Real 1 day ago   13:38

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Welcome to Part 5 of The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build series!

This is turning into a heavily modified Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler. In part 5 of this build series we start the Honda CRF 450 for the first time, build a custom roll cage and install a radiator. This is one insane engine swap for a custom go kart.

Part list/Build thread

0:00 Richard Twins
4:00 Edwin Olding - Recall

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Leevi Isola
Rip they dont make those wheels anymore and good looking golf kart wheels
Louie Saldana
I so want one👍👍
Is that frame steel or aluminium
Ketut Sumayana
ngentot lah
CT gamer
pass to the measures of the trolley but especially that of the chassis please
Jonathan Dexter
cool build but seriously Bruh, You really need a full roll cage guys thats a death trap like that.
febie loyao
Pls do part 6 and part 7
Into The Adventure
It has valve problems
Rian Koetsier
what is the bender that you guys are using?
great video and all but..... swag bucks is a scam
You guys should design a custom Princess mascot, one who wears a racing suit and has a cool helmet. A badass road raging warrior princess! Haha You could even model her on Mariela maybe, if she doesn't mind being a mascot! Lol
Never give up
DAZ Killinger
You dropped a hondafactory 450 in that thing? Are you nuts?
Rob Smith
You guys do understand the function of a roll cage right? Its to protect you not the atv lol
excellent travail !!! plein d'idées génial dans les 5 vidéos !!!!!
Zainul Abidin Abd.
fire spitting barbie😈😈
Christopher Enojardo
Mini snorkel!
Nathan Zari
R.I.P BLACK WIDOW SUPRA, This is the NEW 2 step KING!!!
Blake Kenley
Im looking for an odessy myself to play with. I'll likely be stealing ideas from y'all lol
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Barbie Jeep Gets a Real CRF 450 Princess Jeep Runs! And Spits 1 day ago   13:22

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Time to add a Harbor Freight special to the Honda Crf450 Barbie Jeep. A 2500 LB winch should help us get some weight over the front axle to improve 0-60 times, control, and self recover from extreme off road obstacles.

Full build thread/Parts List

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