CRF 450 Princess Jeep Runs! And Spits Turbo Install on the Barbie Car Go Kart 1 day ago   13:38

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Welcome to Part 5 of The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build series!

This is turning into a heavily modified Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler. In part 5 of this build series we start the Honda CRF 450 for the first time, build a custom roll cage and install a radiator. This is one insane engine swap for a custom go kart.

Part list/Build thread

0:00 Richard Twins
4:00 Edwin Olding - Recall

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Tubing notcher Rogue Fab versa notcher

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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
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Zainul Abidin Abd.
fire spitting barbie😈😈
Christopher Enojardo
Mini snorkel!
Nathan Zari
R.I.P BLACK WIDOW SUPRA, This is the NEW 2 step KING!!!
Blake Kenley
Im looking for an odessy myself to play with. I'll likely be stealing ideas from y'all lol
Manny Montero
Dammit this close what i had in mind. Only difference is that instead of 4 point arm system at the back, each side would be built sturdy and only small peace of axle would go trough heavy duty bearing, so each side is individually pulled by axle at the middle, where brake is located also and there might even be limited slip differential there and chain going to front that is also powered individually making it probably first DIY 4x4 cart
Johneil Reeder
I grind hard whatever that name is those two idiots don't seem like they have anything good to do but to make cause for girls but there no girls around what is this fixation with these two idiots that everything that they do want a couple of things I seem do the crap is pink what's with the fixation on the color pink I think I think they tried think both of them got funny bones in them
Love all the work so far, this is so different and it works! keep up the amazing work. question.. I know you use go pro to do static footage, what is you're main camera that you are using? what drone do you use? and editing software ? sorry for 20 questions' am learning video and editing just expanding my library . thanks. Fathips
Austin Van Orman
build a new grill from sheet metal, see if the water jet channel will cut it for you lol
Chad Smith
Please enter valid email address WTFFFF
Mathew Michuta
Paint up the radiator sides in pink, and it being in the back will make it look like a trophy truck!! So rad, this is my favorite build.
You see me evrywhere :/
Crazy dude the barbie car is gonna be dope racing the barbie jeep
gord9210 gord9210
You need to blink don’t forget
Who agrees the barbie car is the best build
buck rodgers
Where did you guys get those rims?
Alexandre Albergaria
you guys should see the Jeep culture here in Chicago - pretty insane. google and maybe get some ideas for some mad looks!!! You guys are so so so good! proud to follow you!
anonMS dawg
either you have the leg of hulk or that bike lost compression
jacob lampkins
that's gonna be awesome
arturo munoz
That roll cage just obstructs with the arms
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Turbo Install on the Barbie Car Go Kart CRF 450 Princess Jeep Runs! And Spits 1 day ago   11:07

Today our Power Wheels Barbie Mustang gets a Turbo! A BR VZ21 Mini Turbo Charger to be exact( ). This should make 7-14 pounds of boost and push us over our 90MPH goal. In this video we also instal a small oil cooler and make custom turbo flanges.

We couldn't find much information on turbo charging air cooled dirt bike engines so we are figuring it out as we go. Any and all feedback is welcome! Hit us up below. Cant wait to take a turbo charged go kart on the streets!

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