Here's what happens to your People Get Their Bones Professionally 6 months ago   01:35

One man cracked his knuckles in one hand for 60 years and not the other. Watch the video to see what he found out.

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From popping knuckles to wiggling ears, some of our strangest bodily traits can be traced back to our Triassic mammal ancestors. Watch the video:
an egg
Did you know u can drink lava😱😱😱.........

But only once.......
fuzzy sharks
i always have to crack my neck and back and other parts of my body... not that i want to but idk whats wrong with me im in pain if if i dont do it and its really gross to me. but one thing is DONT crack ur jaw... i started cracking my jaw a few months after i got my wisdom teeth taken out and ive been doing it for like 2 years now and cant stop and its just so bad for you it hurts so much it makes the side of my face hurt but i cant stop i try not to do it as much as i can though because my dentist said its building up more and more scar tissue when i do that
Alex Tandos
i can crack my knuckles differently to that. i can do it indefinetley all though it does begin to hurt and it's much louder
i can crack both of my wrists non stop without waiting
Toby and James Goldsmith
Don’t crack you’re nuckels it makes me throw up
xStray BangtanX
Thank you! I just learned how to chack my fingers!
Rigo Tobar
I knew it caused cancer.
Musab Aziz
wasted my 2 minutes on video watching and on writing this comment
Taffy blue -roblox vlogs an more!
*here i am thinking that cracking your knuckles was breaking tiny bones*
a _loser
I can literally crack my entire goddamn back no joke
This helped me a lot thank you
x BLCKdeath
Tokyo ghoul??
Evan Laurence
Who else is cracking their knuckles while watching this video
Megan Praveen
I crack all knuckles at once and then crack a different part of each of my fingers, and people who aren’t already used to it look at me like I’m crazy
Doven Wings
That sound makes me uncomfortable
Miguel Padilla
Cracking my knuckles was "my" thing at school that everyone recognized for awhile until the Tokyo Ghoul anime came out and the Weebs started doing it.
Kon Kon
(*cracks knuckles during video*)
Adeola Majekodunmi
Sometimes I crack my neck on accident and try to make it better but I end up cracking it again
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People Get Their Bones Professionally Here's what happens to your 6 months ago   03:27

“Oh man, that was deep.”

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