Why Cuban cab drivers earn more Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans 1 day ago   05:01

In Cuba, cab drivers are the one percent

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Cuba’s economy works as a central planning model, where government ministries dole out resources and set everything from prices to inventories to salaries. The fact that a taxi driver can make so much more than a physician is a reflection of the Cuban government’s heavy focus on tourism. For years, the central planning apparatus has valued tourism as a key mechanism for both bringing in revenue as well as propagating the idea that Cuba is thriving. Many pesos are collected by the high prices on everything related to the tourism industry.

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Anthony Maurice
How does Cuba and north Korea exist today??? These countries should have been bombed of the map!
habibbi alikafe
why does it matter if i only make $20 a day if everything is mad cheap and i have rations to get all my essentials? you didnt go into how the taxi driver has to pay for food and necesseties but a doctor gets them for free.
Lourdes Perez
My mom made SUBSTANTIALLY more renting our two bedroom apartment in Vedado to Europeans than she ever did being a family practitioner in the mid 90s. It was a sad situation and still is.
🇨🇺 👍
Heinrich Joubert
Mr Sausage
this does not explain why cuban cigar so expensive
quee too
NYC Yellow cab driver to fellow Cuban cab drivers watch out for UBER AND LYFT do Not let them in ur country
*that's it*
Alex Soltan
This was filmed in 2015. I want for a visit in 2019 and it’s not as bad as this guy is making it to be.
Bryant Anniban
Behold the consequence of demonic communism. The enemy of all normal state
60 dollars a day? Is that it?
Koshka xD
Sounds like malaysia
Yilan Chen
communism only works for dictators.
Pretty soon this will be America
ElHandi 18.7
Communism is Disgusting.
Mark Miller
Cuba is disgusting.
Sub to me if i top the comments
The only free and awesome thing cuban government has given is lung cancer vaccine.
Tomas Lajara
Wait does this mean socialism doesn’t work 😂💀
Finlay Cooney
If cuba wasn’t bullied by America they wouldn’t have half the economic problems that they face
Juan Hernandez
Tourists tourists
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Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans Why Cuban cab drivers earn more 1 day ago   08:30

The border of unity.
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Colombia is currently dealing with a massive wave of refugees coming from Venezuela. Venezuelans are fleeing their home because of a severe economic crisis under President Nicolas Maduro. There are high inflation rates and there isn’t enough food available for people within Venezuela to even eat. Thousands of Venezuelans cross the Simon Bolivar bridge located at Cúcuta every day and Colombia doesn’t seem to be turning anyone way.

This borders episode looks at why Colombia doesn’t turn away these refugees, the shared history of the two nations and how there may be a limit to Colombia’s acceptance of incoming Venezuelans.

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