China’s Amazing Innovation in Mobile Advanced Cashless system in Shanghai 2 days ago   07:46

Richard Aguilar
China is now becoming even more cashless. China today, is often seen one on top of many nations to move towards a completely cashless society.

As China moves towards being a cashless society, there you can see that on almost every street corner and in the ever-expanding ecommerce businesses There are in China,
they have totally embraced the convenience of mobile payment system.

Watch the video to learn more about China’s Amazing Innovation in Mobile Payment System.

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Former American vice president asked“ name one,can you just name one innovation by China?” Until now they still think innovation is very hard。In fact the innovation is the easy part, only psychos are needed for innovation which china has too many of them.
Dawa Tsering
probs for cashlessness in india :
slow n less spread internet
not user friendly apps
More power, Richard!!!😉👌
Derpy The Cake 15
Oh no how can I play for stuff in China
David Burns
China is zooming into the 21st century with vigor while we in the USA argue over 14th century walls. What is wrong with this picture? One word, Trump, a 13th century idiot!
glenn goodale
Enter me into the Solar Powered Radio contest'.
OffGrid Wanabe
Soon they will all be rfid chipped.
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Advanced Cashless system in Shanghai China’s Amazing Innovation in Mobile 2 days ago   05:42

No need for cash anymore in China. I use Wechat or Alipay to make any purchases. I do pretty much everything with wechat, ordering plane tickets, hotels, food, pay your bills, groceries, transfer money to your friends. This video shows how I use my phone to pay for everything.

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