Secret Protestant Churches in Donetsk: Aftermath of Ambush on Ukrainian Forces: 5 months ago   19:20

The war in eastern Ukraine hasn't just been about territory — religion has deepened the divide. In Donetsk, Protestants are being forced to conduct their services in apartments, persecuted by pro-Russia separatists who believe there’s only room for one religion in the region: Russian Orthodoxy.

VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky traveled to Donetsk to attend secret Protestant churches, and spoke with members of the Donetsk People’s Republic as well as the Orthodox Church to find out whether the DPR’s vision for the rebel-controlled region includes the coexistence of religious beliefs.

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Ancient Skeptic
When did (((vice news))) started to care about christianity?
Yonathan Swily
I am Protestant. Why did u need Protestant Churches while there are best Churches.. the Orthodox Church
Joshua Chong
I wonder - for a russian or ukrainian speakers, does Simon talk with strong accent of some kind or is his talk very natural?
Faheem Zx
Hey all... Vice news is run by the satanic temple/illuminati. After weakening Islam by creating rift between shia and Sunnis, the next target is christinity . they r weakening Christianity by promoting hatred between protestants and orthodox. Beware!
multiBen -fit-aCTIVE
America should stop helping them from Russia
Callsighn Owl
I am Orthodox so naturally I'm pro Orthodox
This is nothing new. I come from a Ukrainian family that immigrated here right after the fall of the Berlin wall. My family is Pentecostal and this is the same exact persecution that took place in the USSR. People gathered in homes in secret and if found out, were arrested and some were sent to prison in Siberian gulags never to be seen again. Yet all the while the Eastern Orthodox church was allowed to worship without any persecution. I visited my extended family in Ukraine back in 2016. Most of them are Orthodox but some have converted to the Pentecostal faith. Even there, in their own village which is in Western Ukraine, they are abandoned by their friends and family when they do this. Glad that Vice covered this.
I am Orthodox and seeing this is just distressing. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. WHAT DO THEY THINK? THAT THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE ORTHODOX? Take a look at your American Orthodox bretheren, you might learn something.
Southern Catholic
No body talks about this on tv but by God if roman catholics did anything we would be all over the news O but lets keep this off Tv
Manuel Tamba
Poor Jesus :( His churches fight against each other :')
Protestant churches in Donetsk? Wtf they "protest" in Donetsk??
Vivian Williams
The west is taking everything east,the eastern people is rejecting western construct,even homosexuality they want to imposed on the east
Zbigniew Nowakowski
It's funny when 12% of Greek-Catholics wanna rule over 88% of Orthodox...And regarding Protestants or Jehovah witnesses, you can count them on fingers of one hand! I am Polish and I am Roman Catholic and I am against Ukrainian Fascism from Galicia!
Did Christ take up arms? True followers of The Way don't kill, harm or hurt any people.
Protestantism is a heresy born from heretic Roman Catholicism
Ban all religion? Please down vote if you disagree (i'm serious).
“Oh man, look at those cavemen go”. You should study history, “orthodoxal slavs”. Jesus was not even worshiped by real slavic people. Thus , Orthodoxy is just as foreign as protestantism is! Go look it up, you should have known it from Ukrainian litrature and Ukrainian history classes. Go google what easter traditions actually mean. Kiy, Shchek, Horiv and Lybid probably didn’t even know who’s Jesus. And yeah, while we’re at it, go look up truly “your gods”. Just go google slavic pantheon and then attack other Christans when you know you’re equal back here. That is all.
Zephaniah Cruz
Original Christianity at 1st before the Great Schism was Orthodoxy based from Byzantium in modern day Turkey which means Catholicism and Protestantism are new sects and not even close to the original religion
Asabov Sobelo
VICE is such a piece of shit
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Aftermath of Ambush on Ukrainian Forces: Secret Protestant Churches in Donetsk: 5 months ago   07:56

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As pro-Russian separatists opened up a new front along Ukraine’s southern coast, threatening the city of Mariupol, they also surrounded a mixture of regular Ukrainian army and pro-government militias in the town of Ilovaisk. To the southeast of Donetsk, Ilovaisk had been the scene of heavy fighting that eventually tipped in favor of the separatists. With Ukrainian forces having little choice, they surrendered and were assured they could leave the city through a safe “green corridor.”

However, the separatists seemed to have reneged on the promise of safe passage, and several Ukrainian columns were caught in devastatingly brutal ambushes, leaving hundreds dead and dozens taken prisoner.

VICE News stumbled upon one of the many Ukrainian ambulance convoys sent to retrieve the dead and wounded from an ambush site at Novokaterynivka, finding a scene of absolute horror and panic.

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