Guilty White Progressive Is Mad That The 30-50 Feral Hogs Meme 1 day ago   17:12

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Demonic Akumi
And you expect me to call Trump the dumb rich guy.
If Trump is dumb, this guy is mental.
He should fund his various ideological opponents. Instead he is simply stifling diversity!
0202 pmurT
He must be from California or Oregon. He looks like such a chuck.
Gonzo the Great
I'd feel happier if he just blew the money on wine women and song, not giving it to these socialist scum. What a dick.
superserious reviews
What if all the leftist journalists are actually just super satirists and the last 4 years have all just been a giant joke?
superserious reviews
As a lactose intolerant cis white male, Tims dairy analogies are triggering me. But please don't take it into consideration because i have too much privilege to be taken cereal.
Johnny McAuliffe
Sounds to me like he’s seeking that sense of purpose and accomplishment that the rest of us get from putting in an honest day’s work. I’m guessing money means very little to him, so there doesn’t exist that feeling of satisfaction which comes with providing for one’s self and/or family through one’s own sweat, stress and perseverance.
S Thompson
I know people who can afford to own a home, but they don't want to own a home. They prefer renting. Why should they have to own a home?
The Michael
Hey, if you can sponge off a family like that then don't sneeze at the opportunity. You should have gone to Europe with them and had your friend just foot the bill for it. He could afford it, so don't feel bad. And some time down the line you'll rub elbows with someone who sees something in you and then doors will open. Sure, it might be riding your friend's coattails, but as the friend from the street, it's kind of expected and it makes them feel good like donating their old clothes to Goodwill.
This guy's parents and grandparents failed him in that they didn't teach him responsibility with money. There's 3 things you can do with money. Save it, spend it, and be outrageously generous with it. Keeping it quiet and hoarding it, then dumping it on an emotionally immature millennial who was taught about finances through glasses tinged with socialism sets the stage for this idiocy.
Stephan Brun
He forgets that having more wealth means you can donate more than someone with less. And hiring servants to maintain multiple houses means not just providing work to people who don't have it. If they're living on the property, he's also providing housing. Pretty sweet deal.

He also doesn't understand that while being poor and becoming poor are neutral in terms of vice, _seeking_ poverty is not, as you make yourself dependent on the kindness of others, and potentially taking money that would have benefited another. And causing poverty is an ill deed twice, as you're causing all of the above, and hurting the people it's happening to as well.
Jared Pearce
I love rich people.
Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations in action. I imagine that his great-grandfather is turning in his grave over how his great grandkid just wasted all the effort he put in to his life. Probably one of the most offensive things a person can do to be honest.
snarky Mc snarkface
Just a product of his fake moral outrage....

If this idiot had a clue. They would head to a neighborhood that is middle class... spend a few days there... then go to a place that is on the poverty line spend a few days there. Head to an impoverish neighborhood spend a few days there...

Get some real perspective... don't tell then what to do... ask them what they would do, change. Etc...

Wealth is not a problem... capitalism is not a problem... the corporate oligarchy that exist and expanding is a massive problem.

Just look at the gong show that is Disney a virtual monopoly on entertainment.
Alex C
A city falling apart from lack of care?

Ever visit Gary Indiana Tim? Houses for a dollar, nobody should be homeless right?
Nate Spinney
No worries this rich twat will be poor soon enough with that level of ignorance and if not his descendants will be.
Charlotte's Web
Within 2 generations, most wealthy family’s assets are depleted.
To give your children “what you never had” can be crippling.
My husband and I own a company and just bought our 9th home in FL. 6 of which we rent as vacation homes, 2 are annual leases. We live in the smallest home we own (817 sq ft) eat cheap food from Aldi and drive Kias! We invest every penny so we can build wealth and have a comfortable, early retirement.
Most people aren’t willing to do that. They spend every penny that comes to them. They live the lifestyle their wages allow.
Some of my employees make more than my salary, and I’m the owner. That’s because I get a portion of profits at the end of the year and that number varies.
Those same employees regularly are broke by Tuesday of each week!
They and their wives spend spend spend while we save save save!
I try to counsel them on financial planning to no avail.
Should I give what we have built because others don’t want to sacrifice?
Because on paper we are wealthy but we live very modest.
Why should the unwilling enjoy what we have sacrificed for?
Fuck outta here!!
Charlotte's Web
Not up to ANYONE, including the government, to decide how you should use your money, regardless of how you acquired it.
erin rossi
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The 30-50 Feral Hogs Meme Guilty White Progressive Is Mad That 1 day ago   20:10

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