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Vimax in Islamabad
Clediomar Chaves
Got got
Saktea Ralte
D Lee
Raysat Ali
Starm-up Noelandstar
Last comment i like it
Paul Korakas
chaque apres midi ,je vois votre emission,rire et joie un medicament for my 86
Sirikka Sinthikka
very older...
fantactic gags
Mauricio Benavides
Hijo, no esperaba encontrarte aquí.
Darson Xoonar
Awesome 😂😂😂😂👌👌❤❤
Ketut Murjana
Broohlucky 786
1:06 chota packed
Bada dhamaka....

ENGLISH :1:06 Small packed
Big explosion 😂😂
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Tikus ambon
Badri Zouaoui
Yanto mantappp
Felem lUcu
Donk'Q Donk'Q
Fuckin click bait!
Suraj Raikar
Wasim Ansarii
Nice chimpaji video
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There sure are plenty of laughs with just for laughs funny pranks. This is an early 2019 compilation. This crazy Quebec-based troupe uses the city as its stage, and its inhabitants, or victims, as characters! People are caught in a twisted yet funny web of comedic deception. This updated "Candid Camera" is a tad more risque and a little kookier with its practical jokes. The little snippets last only a few minutes, and some look more painful than others.

▶ Just for Laughs - Gags: Volume 1:
▶ Just for Laughs - Gags: Volume 2:
▶ Just for Laughs: Gags, Vol. 3 and 4:
▶ Just for Laughs: Gags, Vol. 7 and 8:
▶ Just for Laughs: Comedy All-Stars Vol.1:
▶ Just for Laughs: Comedy All-Stars Vol. 2:

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